Features of a good dentist office.

By James Cummings

Are you scared of the dentist? Well don’t be ashamed because you are not alone. But you can ameliorate your fear and worries concerning receiving dental treatment if you are visiting a dental professional you trust and are comfortable with.

But how do you identify a reliable dental professional you can trust? It’s not exactly written over a dentist’s forehead and even if it was, it still wouldn’t prove anything. So to identify a trustworthy, reliable, and skilled dentist simply look out for the following features once you step into a dental clinic.

  1. Hygiene: Even if a dentist gives you the best treatment ever, it’s all pointless if you leave the office with an infection brought on by poor hygiene. A dentist needs to operate within a sterilized environment and with sterilized tools that keep you safe and healthy while in his/her care. If you notice any sign of poor hygiene while visiting the dentist, please try seeking dental care elsewhere.
  2. The dental equipment looks new and not old fashioned: Even if you aren’t a dental professional I’m sure you can to some degree tell what equipment is of a recent model and which looks like it came out of a vintage black and white movie.

Your dentist should be using the latest equipment because this shows that he/she is improving their practice by getting better equipment. For example, modern digital X-rays are more precise and efficient in comparison to old-fashioned radiographs because they provide a more detailed diagnosis. So if you’re looking to get the best dental care that’ll set your mind at ease, look out for a dentist not using outdated tools.

  1. Administrative competence: A dental clinic should be efficiently run in order to facilitate a patient’s access to comfortable and reliable services. A dental clinic with slow waiting lines or a crowded waiting room is probably a clear sign of administrative ineptitude and other poor services to come.

Processing an incoming or outgoing patient needs to be quick and effective, if not, records could become mixed up and misplaced, and thus lead to receiving ineffectual treatment or getting poor medical follow up. So look out for a dental office where the reception area and other administrative aspects appear coordinated.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills: This should be evident right from the front desk up till you meet the actual dentist. You should be treated courteously and respectfully, not just because you’re a paying customer, but because you are a person.

Also, the actual dentist should have strong communication skills that puts you at ease while clearly communicating information to you and eliciting pertinent information from you.  A dental professional should be able to answer your questions and educate you on the diagnosis, possible treatment and preventive cares you should imbibe.

But while your dentist should be an effective communicator, he or she mustn’t be a sweet-talking salesperson who tries to upsell you on treatments and products you don’t actually need.

  1. Good with his/her hands: While inside your mouth, your dentist will need to be firm yet gentle and nimble.

Inside the mouth has very limited space and your dentist needs to be capable of manoeuvring and fixing whatever is wrong in it without treating you like a piece of meat. Good hand-eye coordination, a steady hand, and good bedside manners are all important. Good bedside manner comes into play during treatment as your dentist ensures that you aren’t in any discomfort and assures you that you’re safe in capable hands.

Dental professionals from Tiger Smile Dental state, “… going the extra mile to deliver dental services at the comfort of a patient is what sets a committed professional apart from a mediocre dentist…”

So based on what you now know, is your dentist a good one?

Author’s Bio:

James is a business psychologist and serial entrepreneur, with over a decade working in finance, IT, marketing and recruitment sectors. He has authored numerous books in the management space and is Founder and CEO of www.dailyposts.co.uk.