Experiencing Laser Treatment

Choosing laser treatment is an important first step on the path to flawless skin. But after deciding to go ahead with fractional laser resurfacing, what happens next? This handy guide will explain what to expect for patients visiting the laser skin care center and beginning the process on the way to perfectly beautiful skin.

The Consultation

At a patient’s consultation, the doctor will discuss his or her hopes and expectations for the treatment process. It is a good idea to prioritize one’s wishes for treatment. Often, patients may request to have their entire face treated in one appointment, but some patients choose to focus on one issue during each treatment. Patients must determine if they are concerned about fine lines around the mouth or acne scars and let their doctor know what the biggest concerns are during this time.

The doctor will listen to a patient’s concerns and assess the extent of damage to their skin. The doctor will also help their patients to understand what kind of results can realistically be expected from a procedure. Together, they will determine a treatment plan that works best for the patient’s individual needs. Most patients find that a single treatment gives the desired results.

This is the perfect time to ask questions about the procedure or express concerns. The doctor can discuss the pain level and recovery time to be expected from the procedure and offer guidance in creating an after-care plan.

In some cases, patients may opt to combine other treatments with laser therapy. For example, a patient may require a dermal filler or microneedling in order to restore skin volume in targeted areas. These additional treatments are applied after the skin has fully healed from laser therapy.

The Procedure

On the day of the procedure, patients should arrive one hour before a scheduled appointment time for application of the numbing cream. This should give the numbing agent plenty of time to work before the procedure begins. The doctor may prescribe a local anesthetic injection. For patients who are particularly sensitive to pain or patients undergoing extensive laser treatment, an intravenous sedative may be prescribed as well.

During the process, patients should remain pain-free due to the numbing cream provided. From start to finish, the process takes about an hour.

After Care

After receiving laser skin resurfacing treatment, patients often prefer to take some time to rest and recuperate before returning to work. While the pain level is usually relatively low and can be managed with over-the-counter medications, the skin is typically irritated and red for about a week after the procedure. As skin peels off and is replaced with new, fresh skin, the redness will begin to fade, leaving healthy, glowing skin in its place.

It is important to develop a skin care plan designed to protect a patient’s healthy, revitalized skin. Because laser skin treatment stimulates collagen production, the results of laser skin treatment can last for months or even years with the right skin care.