Everything you need to know about cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes all types of dental treatments, which are not primarily meant to improve the function of teeth but also has a lot to do with aesthetics. Treatments are more focused on improving and enhancing the overall facial look. One common and popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that is affordable as well is bleaching. This procedure aims at whitening he teeth and many people believe that it gives a better smile. This treatment is a good option for those people who have stained their teeth or whose teeth have become discolored. Another affordable and common cosmetic dentistry is veneering, where porcelain or plastic silvers are placed on the teeth’s front portion to alter their appearance. This treatment can treat a chipped tooth or an uneven tooth surface for those that need a correction regarding the color and shape of the tooth.

Services provided in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in New York helps people to get their beautiful smile back and also to enhance their confidence. Cosmetic dentistry offers many services which are as follows.

Teeth Whitening: If one wants to get whitened teeth to get a bright smile then they should opt for cosmetic dentistry. It is not time-consuming as it takes only one day or a few hours to be completed. They treat this issue in such a way that a patient feels comfortable and confident after getting their teeth whitened.

Porcelain Veneers: If the teeth alignment is imperfect then this treatment provides the best solution to the problem. It helps to get rid of the fractures, incorrect adjustments of teeth, gapped teeth, discoloration and many more teeth related issues.

Porcelain Crowns: This treatment is the best solution for those who are having problems like weekend teeth, damaged teeth by fracture, pain caused by decay. So, to deal with these issues, porcelain crowns are being used to reinforce the problems. They provide matching color porcelain crowns.

Invisalign: This treatment is the best solution for the teeth misalignment issue. Wearing metal braces is an old method which people have been exposed to for a long time. However, nowadays Invisalign is in trend. The cosmetic dentistry in NYC provides Invisalign treatment which helps the patients to get their confidence back. In this treatment the braces would be invisible, it is a less painful method of straightening the alignment of teeth. These are the reasons; people get attracted to this treatment.

Aesthetic Gum Lift: A beautiful smile involves a perfect tooth-to-gum ratio. It doesn’t look good if the gum tissues are more visible while someone is smiling. It also causes an uneven smile. In aesthetic gum lift, they remove the excess tissues from the gum to balance a beautiful smile. The cosmetic dentistry in New York provides this treatment in such a way that patient recovers fast and also feel comfortable.

Smile Makeover: Few people want to recreate their style of smiling. For this, they opt for a smile makeover in which they choose more than one cosmetic procedures for a single treatment. This treatment happens as per the patient’s choice and their need. Cosmetic dentistry in New York provides this treatment to give a unique look to an individual’s personality through a bright smile.

Quality Cosmetic dentistry in New York

If you look for cosmetic dentistry in New York, you would find many that provide quality services. 209 NYC Dental, City Smiles Dental, Cosmetic Dental Studios, Fine Dental New York, Adler Dental, Harvey Katz, DDS are some of the best cosmetic dentistry in New York.