Everything You Need to Know About Cellulite?

Most women have cellulite but few know that they can get rid of it! How you may ask…let me just say FasciaBlaster®! By scrubbing away at and smoothing out the fascial distortions and adhesions with the FasciaBlaster®, you’ll allow the fat and skin to lay flat and smooth, which lessens the look of cellulite!

No matter your age, body fat, fitness level, skin type or situation, the FasciaBlaster® works for everyone!!!

It may be more difficult to get rid of your cellulite depending how jacked up it is! If you’ve been having regular fascial treatment and have been taking care of your body and fascia, it may be quicker than for most! However, if you’ve been walking around with joint imbalances, misalignments, jacking up your fascia with every step, well it’s going to take a bit longer! I made a chart explaining what I call” The 7 Stages of Fascia Freak-out”.

Find which phase describes you the best and we’ll work from there!

No one is beyond help and users of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages have been getting amazing results in their appearance and wellbeing. To further explain the whole process, I even went as far as to “name” the different types of cellulite and explain how each type can react to using the FasciaBlaster®. 

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Here are the 4 types of cellulite:

  • “Hail Damage”

Hail damage is when your skin has a lumpy, bumpy appearance. This is the easiest to get rid of as all the adhesion are superficial.

  • “Car Wreck”

If your legs have deep dents and lines below the surface, you would fall under this category.

  • “Gummy Bear”

With this type, you may not see as much dimpling, but the fascia is all clumped together and feels squishy. This means that the fascia is so tight it has constricted the muscle and blocked off any nerve signal and blood flow and rendered the muscle atrophied! (Grab your legs and see if they feel like this!) (Insert pic)

  • “Beyond Bound”

If you’re beyond bound, your skin feels like one big, solid “chunk” and you probably have poor circulation, leg cramps, and feel tight and tired all the time.

This is very common with athletes. You might be faithfully working out and dieting and are not able to get the results you want. If you go to grab your skin and it feels like one solid tube and you can’t pinch the skin and separate it at all – that is “beyond bound”!

Your skin may show up for the most part smooth at the surface, however the hidden belt is vigorously bound together and is clamping off the blood supply, nerve and muscle activity and other tissues from functioning at 100%.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? The good news is that the FasciaBlaster® can fix these types, no matter how severe. It’s just a matter of putting in the effort and not giving up.

Another great tip is to heat the tissue as much as possible before blasting. Heat puts fascia in a jello – like state, which makes it more malleable and therefore easier to break up the adhesions. Heat makes such a difference and will help you get quicker results.

As you’re going through the process, you will see your body changing in different ways. Some of you will see the dimples smoothing out, others will first see big chunks being broken up into smaller pieces (which is a good thing!), which can be a little scary at first.

This stage has been dubbed the “Worse before better” stage, but I prefer to call it the “Better before better” stage, because while it may look dimplier, you’re breaking through the clumps of unhealthy fascia and are on your way to healthy fascia and smooth skin, you just must keep at it and don’t freak out.