Most Effective Tactics To Relieve Dry Eyes After Upper Blepharoplasty


Sense of sight is important for human. Through our eyes, we can see and appreciate the beauty of the world. However, how can you appreciate a certain part of the beauty of world if you are suffering from unnecessary dryness of your eyes after upper eyelid surgery?

But it is not that common to experience this after few weeks of having a surgery. This may happen if there’s a surgical complication or pre-existing problem. Moreover, couple of factors can lead to dry eyes right after your surgeon performed eyelid surgery such as weak eyelid ligaments, thyroid problems, poor eyelid skin tone, any defects on your tear ducts etc. However, if these factors are determined in advance, right precautionary measure could be taken to prevent or minimize possible risk.

With that, here are five immediate ways to relieve certain symptoms of dry eye recommended by Dr Naveen Somia’s lower eyelid surgery:

Apply saline.

As much as possible, you need to treat your dry eye immediately. If saline is not available, ask your doctor to prescribe the right eye drop and lubricating ointments you can use.

Excessive air movement must be avoided or evaded.

You must also generate knowledge on specific things that can increase dryness of your eye. There are instances when appliances at home or office can worsen the disorder. Specific things, which can increase the tendency to dry your eye, are hair and wind dryers and fans. You must limit your time engagement and exposure on these types of things in order to lessen dryness of your eye.

Rest can have an essential impact in your eyes.

Eyes can also feel tiredness so provide your eyes the opportunity to rest. If you engage on reading or watching television that consumes large amount of your time, consider lessening or taking regular break as you engage on these activities. Providing your eyes a certain rest or simply blinking it regularly or frequently can let them recover certain moisture that they have gone and lost. Take a break will be a helpful means to lessen dryness of your eye.

Stop smoking.

There are many essential and valuable explanations not to smoke or be subjected to second-hand smoke, however smoke generated by cigarette can aggravate your dry eyes therefore you must avoid engaging in cigarette. It is also being said that smoking is a great contributor on developing or forming of dry eye. If you want to lessen possibilities of dryness of your eyes, you must minimize on engaging to cigarette smoke.

Go to your surgeon.

When your dry eye persists for over one week though you’re applying topical treatment, you should see now a physician to determine its cause and cure it accordingly.

As per Dr. Naveen Somia, though permanent dry eye right after surgery could be avoided in so many ways, it is still a risk.  Knowing the risk of such surgery, even though they are low, is a significant part of being a practical patient. Always consider all possible risk when undergoing any type of surgery visit

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