Dwayne Johnson Supplements For Building Muscle

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Muscle building comes with rules, even if you want to use supplements to help you build muscle. That’s because, regardless of how good the supplements may be, they work better when they’re used to compliment a healthy diet or to provide a boost just before a work out or competition.

Here are a few tips to help you build healthy lean muscle

Do not underestimate breakfast. The two words that make up the name of this important meal are significant. You’re coming off 8 or more hours of nothing to eat or drink. Furthermore, don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’ve been asleep your body hasn’t been doing anything. In fact, your body takes the opportunity to do a lot of housekeeping and maintenance whilst you’re asleep, including cellular repair and growth. This uses energy, which comes from blood sugar, so you need to replace this when you wake up after having fasted whilst you’ve been asleep. Therefore the first meal of the day breaks this fast and provides your body with all-important fuel to get going for the day. If you don’t do this, your body will need to find alternative sources of fuel and that may mean breaking down that muscle tissue you’re working so hard to build!

Muscle Supplements Work Best As Part Of A Balanced Diet

Don’t rely on muscle-building supplements alone to get you where you want to be muscle-wise. As we’ve already mentioned, they work better when used to support a healthy diet, not instead of one.

There’s plenty of scientific evidence to support the notion that eating small meals frequently is far healthier than one or two big meals. Small and frequent keeps your blood sugar levels steady and avoids the spikes that come from eating big meals once or twice a day.

Water is essential for life. Over half of us is made up of water. We need adequate amounts of it to perform cellular functions, flush out toxins, and stay hydrated. So be sure to drink plenty of it – at least 3.7 liters for the average adult male and 2.7 liters for the average adult female.

Make sure you eat enough of what you need to build healthy, lean muscle. That’s protein. A good muscle supplement contains plenty of protein but it’s also important to get protein in your food as well. Animal products are high in protein but there are also plenty of plant-based sources of quality protein as well. You should also vary the type of food you eat to ensure you receive all the nutrients you need. Overly restricting your diet will also restrict the range of nutrients you can take on board. Humans are designed to obtain their nutrition by eating a wide range of foods and this is particularly important for optimal muscle-building.

Be sure to load up your body before an intensive training session so you have enough fuel to meet the demands you’re about to place on your body. For early morning workouts a high carb meal the night before works well. Late afternoon or evening workouts will rely on what you’ve eating during the day.

High Protein Muscle Supplements

Don’t forget to refuel straight after you’ve trained either. This is where taking in a lot of protein is important – many people do this via a protein shake. Your body requires this protein to start repairing all the muscle tissue you’ve just damaged – this damage and repair process is what builds muscle. However, if you don’t provide your body with the protein it needs to do this, it will start using muscle tissue instead. That’s undoing all your hard work.