How Dieting Can Increase Penis Size

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Dieting is a popular go-to solution for a number of health problems, including sexual health.

Lately, there have also been a number of articles doing the rounds that speak to the link between dieting and penis size.

Is this another fad or is there actually some truth behind this claim?

Diet & sexual health: The facts

Everyone knows that the foods you put in your mouth can directly impact your health in more ways than one. Foods that are high in sugar, fat and sodium can lead to heart problems as well as obesity and diabetes. What many don’t realise, however, is that your diet can also impact your sexual health in a big way.

Men are particularly susceptible to this problem since poor diet can result in a low libido, erectile dysfunction and poor stamina. Men who are consuming high levels of processed foods and sugary drinks are less likely to be sexually aroused. Even when they do become aroused, they can’t last as long.

Are diet and penis size connected?

While the link between diet and health is an obvious one, not many men make the connection between diet and penis size.

Professionals from CALIBRE Clinic explained that diet and weight don’t affect the penis itself but rather how it’s positioned on the body. When you’re moving less and eating more, the weight distribution in your body changes, with the abdomen and the groin almost always being affected.

This additional weight in the lower abdominal area automatically impacts the size of the penis.

The root of the penis is attached to the pelvic bone so when there’s excess fatty tissue present in that area, a man can lose a lot of his natural length.

Excess weight will also end up affecting blood flow, which in turn can lead to weaker erections and an inability to maintain them. Lastly, weight gain also makes it harder for men to achieve orgasm as the decrease in blood flow also dulls the sensation in that area.

Using weight loss to increase penis size

By using a healthy eating plan and exercise to lose weight, men can enjoy their natural penis length and performance once again.

As you lose weight, more of your penis will be revealed, reducing the need to use supplements and penis enlargement devices. It’s also best to lose any excess weight before considering further penis enlargement methods as the extra fatty padding can be misleading.

Diet and physical activity will affect your penis size, the quality of your erections, orgasms and your overall sexual health, which why it’s so important for men to stay away from foods that are highly processed and laden with fat and sugar. Not only will this lifestyle change increase the length of your penis but you will also enjoy for stamina and a boost in libido.

If weight loss doesn’t provide you with the results you were hoping for, there are other treatments and supplements available from CALIBRE Clinic that will help you achieve your ideal penis size.