Dianabol Is an Ally And Beneficial In Many Ways With Proper Dosage

Dianabol is the brand name for testosterone derivate Methandrostenolone.  D’bol exhibits potent anabolic and moderate androgenic effect.

Why is Dianabol modified?

The modified structure of D’bol is called ‘17 Alpha-Alkylated’ formation. The chemicals included are used with specific effective goals, when consumed orally. In general, liver denatures Dianabol that is not modified molecularly, so it will be unable to get to the bloodstream intact.

With molecular changes, D’bol can pass through the liver and enters the bloodstream without any hindrance from liver metabolism.

Chemically modified Dianabol becomes hepatoxic and its potential to damage your liver increases. Therefore, it becomes essential to use D’bol responsibly.

Athletes and gym goers use it as performance enhancer. D’bol helps to pack strong, huge, and toned muscle. You get energy to do more work out and even help muscles to recover. Dianabol use elevates liver enzymes but they get normal, after you cease its usage.

Other side effects include hair loss, excess oily skin, acne, water retention, baldness, and more estrogenic adverse effects because of Dianabol’s aromatization nature. Generally, every side effect is related directly to dosage. Taken appropriate dosage can help to avoid these side issues.

Facts about proper dosage

It is suggested that 15-40 mg of Dianabol per day is sufficient for 4 to 6 weeks cycle. Specific dosage is taken for burning fat (cutting) or bulking cycle. In addition, taking the dose at the right time is necessary because the half life of D’bol is 6 to 8 hours.

Timing for specific purpose

  • For strength – Half an hour prior workout
  • For bulking cycle – Take 5 mg daily, after every 4 hours to keep steroid level consistent in your bloodstream.
  • For both bulk & strength – Daily doses need to be taken before workout for gaining energy to perform intense workouts and after sessions for muscle recovery.


Stay ‘OFF’ from Dianabol, after the recommended cycle for a couple of weeks. You body does not get addicted and regains back to its normal condition.

Be patient

Remember, Dianabol dosage needs some time to give the expected result. The changes will be noticeable, after a few weeks but you will need to pursue your daily workouts or the results will not be as expected.

Stack cautiously

D’bol dosage also gets influenced by other steroids you use to stack. However, stack D’bol with a compatible stack with proper dosage level.

Start low

Dosage level can also differ from one brand to another. A little experiment on dosage is always the best option. Start from low and generally increase to avoid undesired side effects.