How to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

Is it just a bad day for sex or erectile dysfunction? This article will help you separate ED from many other things that may cause erection failure. It will also give you hints on most effective treatments, with which you can get up to speed right now at
Once you have faced the problem of getting or maintaining an erection, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have ED. It might be a transient disorder brought on by issues like fatigue, stress or excessive alcohol consumption. In order to clear the things up it is necessary to go to the doctor.
First of all, the doctor will ask you about your medical and sexual history to find out whether the problem has a clear cause. Lifestyle choices, undergone surgeries and intake of certain medications can help him learn about your diseases and other physical issues that may have led to ED. Questions about your sex life, including relationships and sex drive, will help him figure out if the problem is more of a mental nature.
Then your doctor will perform a thorough physical exam to check your overall health. Particular attention will be paid to the testicles, as well as the urinary, nervous and vascular systems. Based on the results, the doctor will be able to reveal unexpected diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, testicular problems, kidney disease or endocrine disorders. You may also need to have a rectal exam to rule out prostate disorders. However, most men do not need a lot of testing to make the diagnosis.
If your ED has been confirmed, there are a lot of treatments that can help. Sildenafil Citrate is the most common and renowned remedy for ED. Pills are taken some time before sex and erection is normally achieved when you are aroused.
Besides pills there are other treatments like self-injected medications, suppositories, hormone replacement, vacuum devices, surgery and penile implants. If the ED is of psychological nature, a sex therapist can help you exclude factors that cause stress and tension in your daily life.