Dermabrasion And Microdermabrasion Treatment For Acne

Those who suffer from acne and acne scarring have probably looked into every possible thing that could help their case, and this is why you should also learn more about the dermabrasion and microdermabrasion treatment. You can actually get great microdermabrasion treatments in Brisbane by The Facial Hub.

The difference

Those who did not know, there is a difference between the two treatments, obviously. The dermabrasion a plastic surgeon or your dermatologist will “sand” your skin with a tool made just for that. This procedure will allow your skin to create a new and much smoother layer of skin that will replace the one that has been “sanded” down.

The right procedure can do wonders for your skin

On the other hand, the microdermabrasion treatment will use tiny exfoliating crystals that will be sprayed on your skin, and this treatment usually works best on the problems like having brown spots, age spots or dull skin.

When are the two used?

Well, dermabrasion was created to improve the scars from acne, an accident or a disease and pox marks. This is why it is not effective if you are trying to treat most moles, scars caused by burns, pigmented birthmarks or congenital skin defects. This treatment is mostly safe for people who have fair skin, as the ones who have darker skin the dermabrasion might result in discoloration or scarring.

However, microdermabrasion actually works on all skin types and colors too, by making subtle changes, that will not result in skin scarring or color change. But, it is not that effective for much deeper problems like wrinkles, scars, stretch marks or deep acne scars. You should also look into ultraceuticals professional peels at The Facial Hub for a healthier skin.

What you need to know

Before you get any of the two treatments you will have to consult with a professional who will explain the procedures in detail. When talking about dermabrasion, you will be consulted on your goals, the risks, and benefits of this procedure as well as the type of the anesthesia that will be used. There will also be the instructions you need to follow before and after the procedure.

If you have any questions, make sure to ask your doctor

Sometimes, pictures will be taken for the ‘before and after’ effect to compare the results. With the microdermabrasion treatment, you will not have to talk that much about aesthetics or risks, because this is a much simpler procedure overall.

How does dermabrasion and microdermabrasion work?

This is another thing that you will have to discuss with your doctor. The dermabrasion will be done in the doctor’s office where you will get medication that will relax you before the procedure starts. Then, your skin will be cleansed nicely and you will get a numbing medicine or anesthesia shots where the skin needs to be treated.

In microdermabrasion, the tiny crystals will be sprayed on the skin where the treatment is required as they will then remove the outer layer of your skin. This is a much less aggressive technique than the previous one, which is why the numbing medicine will not be needed. Basically, you will have your skin completely exfoliated.

Final word

Before you blindly decide which one of the treatments you need, you will have to consult with your doctor. He/she will then tell you which treatment would be the best for your skin because you might not even require these treatments. There are many other skin treatments that you should also look into, so make sure to have a proper talk with your doctor.