Dental Implants Abroad

Dental implants are placed to replace missing teeth and to fix tooth gaps. Implants are commonly used in smile restoration procedures. This treatment is permanent, unlike using dentures, and can thus improve the looks and functionality of missing or damaged teeth just like having natural, adult teeth back.

Dental implants are known to be highly effective. Despite the common usage, implants are quite expensive. It can cost a patient thousands of dollars or pounds to obtain a single implant. Patients who need to undergo multiple teeth restoration procedures may end up with a bill that runs into tens of thousands of dollars.

There are several reasons why dental implant procedures are expensive in North American and Western Europe. First of all, healthcare is expensive in most of these countries as it is. And dental care is particularly expensive because most health insurance policies don’t cover the costs. Also, dental implants each are expensive. High-quality dental implants with well-regarded brand names are certainly not cheap. Using any other implant than a branded product is risky considering that the metal implant needs to fuse with the jawbone.

Because of the rising prices, many patients are seeking dental implants abroad, in countries where the cost of overall care is low. If you are thinking about going overseas to get implants, here are important things to think about first:

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Keep Quality of Care in Mind

When it comes down to any type of healthcare, what really matters is the quality. You may be able to save thousands of dollars on cheap dental implants abroad, but if the metal isn’t durable or if the surgery is botched, you will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on restorative and remedial care back home.

Therefore, when seeking dental implants abroad, make sure you go to a country where you can count on dentistry practices to be standard. Placing dental implants require an oral surgeon, which is a highly specialised field. In countries like the UK, oral surgeons complete both medical and dental school. In nearly all countries, oral surgeons also have to undergo several years of intensive training before being fully qualified to practice on their own.

There should be equivalent standards for oral surgeons in the foreign country as your home country to ensure that you are receiving similar quality of care.

Be Aware of Knockoff Products

Don’t buy cheap dental implants abroad that are generic or don’t have a known brand name associated with the product. You risk putting an implant made from industrially impure or toxic material in your mouth.

Also, the long-lasting qualities of dental implants are associated with high-quality titanium. If the costs you save from the procedure is mainly because you chose a knockoff product rather than a well-known implant brand, then you are risking your health. The cost savings of dental implants abroad must come from lower fees, not knockoff products.

Look for Guarantees

No one wants to become the victim of a botched surgery. However, no surgery is completely risk-free. What distinguishes a good dental clinic abroad from a dubious one are the guarantees. The dental clinic must have a list of terms and conditions regarding aftercare in case the dental implant procedure fails. The incidences of a dental implant failing is rare, but in case it does, you need a guarantee for full return of fees and possibly reimbursement for aftercare.

Calculate the Travel Costs

If the country of your choice for dental care is generally expensive to travel to, then it would cancel out any cost savings you might receive from cheap dental implants. Therefore, consider the travel costs, including accommodation, when planning your dental vacation. The overall costs should be less than what you have to pay for to get implants back home.

Best Countries for Overseas Dental Care—Turkey

For affordable care plus high-quality products, Turkey is one of the best countries to get dental implants. When you get dental implants in Turkey, you can be assured of the quality of not only the products, but the qualifications of the dental specialists as well. Turkish oral surgeons have a similar qualification and undergo the same training process as dental specialists in the UK. These specialists meet the rigorous standards of EU regulations.

Dental implants that you find in Turkey are the same as the products found in the US or Western Europe. The quality is the same, and so is the price. Patients save money in Turkey not on knockoff products, but on overall low operational costs. The charges for testing and consultations are reduced, so the overall price tag that a patient has to bear is much less compared to other developed countries.

Do your research before seeking implant procedures abroad. Saving money is not enough if you end up with a dangerous implant in your jaw. Heed the above advice when seeking dental care abroad.