Cure Your Spider Veins: 4 Clear Signs to See a Vein Doctor


Do you suspect you may need to see a vein specialist but are unsure if your symptoms qualify? It’s important to remember that vein pain is not something you should take lightly. The veins in your body serve an essential function. They are responsible for bringing blood from all over your body back to your heart. Your veins aren’t doing their job because they can’t pump blood properly. Hence, this can cause significant issues if not addressed. When I first noticed the telltale signs of my varicose veins in Singapore, it was a particularly trying time in my life, so I made an appointment with a vein specialist upon seeing these signs.

1. Weak Legs

It initially seemed normal for my legs to feel weak after long periods of standing, but I soon realised this was not the case. My vein problems were the cause of my weakness. My legs felt weak and heavy due to my spider veins in Singapore, and standing for long periods didn’t help. Putting my legs on a couple of pillows helped immensely with the ache and fatigue. Therefore, one of the earliest symptoms of vein disease is feeling tired or weak in your legs after standing for a long time. Venous insufficiency may be the culprit behind your leg pain if it is sudden or intermittent.

2. Bulging Blue and Purple Veins

When I noticed that some of my veins were changing colour and bulging, I knew it was time to see a doctor. My spider veins in Singapore were swollen and irritating, which led to their changing colour to blue or purple and bulging. A blood clot formed in my veins when they got to this point, preventing any more blood from leaving my heart. As a result, if you notice this on your legs, you should schedule an appointment with a vein specialist soon.

3. Rashes and Dry, Itchy Skin

Signs that I had untreated vein problems included dry, itchy skin. My damaged veins were causing high blood pressure, which manifested as symptoms on my skin. The broken veins in my legs prevented blood from returning to my heart—and led to the inevitable breakdown of my skin.

The itchy, flaky skin or unsightly rash on my legs would have progressed to a venous leg ulcer if I hadn’t sought spider vein treatment in Singapore for my vein problems. So if you’re experiencing similar symptoms, it’s best to treat the issue early before it worsens and causes an ulcer.

4. Chronic Leg Pain

Pain in the legs doesn’t always root from vein problems. Varicose veins in Singapore, however, are a leading cause of leg pain—like aching and throbbing. I needed to see a vein doctor to ascertain whether or not the pain in my legs came from vein damage. The next step was for the specialist to pinpoint the cause of my discomfort and begin addressing that. It is best to play it safe, so I recommend seeing a specialist to figure out what’s causing your leg pain, no matter what the results say.

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