CBD oil dosage – are we consuming it appropriately?  

CBD for medicinal purpose is one of the fastest-growing industry since the passing of hemp act bill as part of 2018 farm bill in The US, making the plant legal again after more than 80 years since the government ceased it.   The hype of it as the miracle cure for almost all kinds of pain have quickly gained massive interest from the public but since it is still pretty new, and developing, thorough research and scientific proof still has to be done.  

 By the time of writing, The US Food and Drug Administration recognized epilepsy as the only type of an ailment where CBD is scientifically proven to be a remedy, and because of that, the agency did not provide recommended daily intake (RDI) for CBD oil dosage consumption.  Since there’s no universal rule to follow yet about its consumption, many are getting confused about the CBD oil dosage they need to take for them to experience its magic.  

When consuming CBD oil, it is essential to look for an indication of how much Cannabidiol it contains, that is also an indicator that the product has gone through a third-party laboratory test to assure the right component consumption.  It is also important to note that for it to be legal a CBD oil should not contain THC compound that is more than 0.3%, THC is the other active cannabinoids components of a cannabis Sativa plant that delivers high feeling to somebody who consumes it.  

Most people who consume CBD oil prefer to eliminate the TCH component per serving. To supply this demand, most producers stick to products with 0% of THC to produce only a complete therapeutic product which makes more people attracted to it.  

 While many have testified that CBD oil does certainly alleviate to its therapeutic claims, it is necessary to know that we all have different body chemistry, that said, CBD oil dosage consumption that works for others may not work for everybody. 

 Even though official regulatory for this newly recognized medicine is not available yet, experts in this field recommended about 2.5 to 10 milligrams of Cannabidiol per day for general health concerns, but this recommendation varies from different types of addressed conditions. To start with low dosage is recommended and gradually increase the more you learn how your body reacts to it and until your body becomes comfortable with it.   


Although history proves that cannabis Sativa plants existed hundreds of years back as medicine, we still have to rely on modern technology to analyze the exact effect of this medicine in the long run.    

We can consider that most of us are the guinea pig for this promising medicine. However, while we are still waiting for official regulations on CBD, it is best to consume it lightly until it is scientifically proven.