The Cause, Symptoms And Treatment Of Athlete’s Foot


While we tend to take proper care of our hands, applying different moisturizes every day, we neglect our feet completely. Keep in mind that your feet are doing most of the work throughout your day, and that is why you need to pay attention to them. They could tell you a lot about your health, and there are many conditions that can be developed.

In case you have problem with your feet, you should visit a professional; check out professional podiatrist Sydney CBD like ModPod Podiatry or go to your local podiatry clinic. It is important that you get your feet checked out as soon as you feel or see a problem, because it is much easier to treat a condition that has not progressed yet.

Be careful where you walk barefoot, because fungal infections spread like crazy.

Athlete’s foot

For those who did not know, this is a very common condition that can cause a lot of discomfort. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal infection of your skin, and those fungus tend to make “home” in moist, warm and dark areas, such as between your toes. This condition can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and itching.

The cause

If you have this condition, that means that you have been exposed to the fungus and that can happen in many scenarios. You could have gotten it at the shower, gym, or pool where many individuals will walk barefoot.

Wearing damp and warm shoes can also cause your fungus to grow and spread, and the conditions is very contagious. This condition can spread to other parts of your skin, sch as the hands, scalp and groin, so make sure to visit your podiatrist as soon as possible.


Athlete’s foot is a condition that will cause a lot of itching, blistering, peeling and cracking of your feet. Usually, the condition will start between your toes and then it will spread. You can develop this condition on your heels as well. If you think you have this condition, contact podiatrist North Ryde like ModPod Podiatry, or talk to your local podiatry clinic instead.

Wear slippers if you are visiting the pool or shared showers.


First of all, you need to keep your feet clean and dry, and make sure to dry them with a separate towel from the towel you use for the rest of your body. There are many antifungal treatments for you to check out, such as sprays, powders, and lotions. If the condition starts to worsen, you need to visit your podiatrist as soon as possible, and get prescribed medication.

Final word

There are many different conditions that can cause you to have daily discomfort and pain, and it is important that you visit your podiatrist if it ever comes to that. As soon as you realize itching, redness, flaking or any of the symptoms of Athlete’s foot, you should schedule a consultation with your podiatrist, and have a professional take a look at your condition.


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