Can Cannabis Help Treat Colon Cancer?

 Cannabinoids within cannabis have been studied extensively in the last few months as researchers have realized the huge potential that these cannabinoids can have on various ailments and conditions. One of these conditions that has attracted attention is colon cancer.

A recent study which was financed in part by GW Pharmaceuticals found that certain cannabis strains which have a high concentration of CBD, can be used in the treatment of this type of cancer.It was completed as part of a joint piece of research between Italian and British scientists.

What does the research tell us? Well, in an experiment conducted by this team of researchers, they were able to successfully treat mice which had colon cancer with CBD.It has been a long held belief by many that cannabis and its components could be effective at treating many different cancers, but specifically for colon cancer, it was found that a CBD treatment could stop the growth of tumor cells.

If we delve a little deeper into these results, it was found that the CBD prevented the growth of tumor cells, but at the same time, didn’t inhibit the growth of healthy cells. This is because the CBD was able to activate two types of receptors (CB1 and CB2) which are found in the tumor cells.

There is still a stigma when it comes to cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The reason for this is because THC is psychoactive in nature. But, CBD doesn’t alter the brain in this way. Therefore, it is unfair to tarnish CBD with the brush of just being a component of cannabis used by stoned teenagers.

To satisfy the stigma, it has been proposed from the researchers that CBD could be “taken out of” the cannabis plant, and could then be used as a treatment in its own right. This would eliminate the “high” the patient would experience. But, this could reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Each of the different types of cannabinoids, such as THC, CBC and THCV also have their own potential therapeutic benefits. Combined with the terpenes found in cannabis, CBD is known to be more effective if these terpenes are present.

While cannabis can be effective at treating the colon cancer in itself, the cannabis can also be used to alleviate and reduce side effects. For example, cannabis is excellent for preventing and reducing nausea and vomiting. This is a real problem for patients who need chemotherapy which often induces this nausea.Researchers have also said that cannabis can be used to increase the appetite of a cancer patient.

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