Building muscle with a personal trainer.


Building muscle takes work, discipline, and the right technique. The qualities you need are all things you can develop at a great fitness center in Spokane. Working with a personal trainer will give you access to expertise, so you can get advice like this about how to build muscle.

Build a sturdy foundation

You will learn the key areas to build to strengthen over time and prevent injuries. Glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and your core are important areas to build and work around.

Muscle comes from more than weights

So the muscle heads hang out by the barbells and weight machines in the workout gym. That doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you need to build. Muscle building the right way comes from fat burning and muscle building foods, cardio exercises that lean out fat, and moves that include body weight.

Mix your routine

Or better yet, don’t even have one. A habit of working out is one thing, but don’t get stuck on doing the same exercises at each gym visit. It stunts your muscle growth because your body will quickly get used to it. Add in fitness classes, swimming, and gradually up your weights to challenge muscles and enable growth.

Know how, what, and when to eat

Personal trainers have experience designing meal plans to meet your fitness goals. They will include muscle building foods— like protein—and fuel building carbs. They will also stress the importance of drinking plenty of water, eating small meals throughout the day and how to eat before and after workouts.

Rest and recovery is a success tool too

Your sleep number may be slightly different than the next person, but we all need sufficient rest. That includes active rest and recovery. Meaning you don’t have to be sitting on the sofa watching television, but you do need to take it easy as your body repairs and recharges. That’s important to enable muscle growth.

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