Brining glaucoma malpractice claims: What should you do?

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition requiring immediate medical attention. This is because the patients having glaucoma problems will not face any problem in the initial stage until there is a loss of vision or nerve damage. Frankly speaking, any kind of eye damages should be immediately treated and diagnosed. As per the World Health Organization, Glaucoma is the second leading reason for blindness. Though glaucoma surgery is a viable option, there might be complications due to the negligence of the surgeon. Glaucoma is prevalent mainly in old-age people and those having diabetes. It is also very much prevailing in people having a family history of glaucoma. However, that doesn’t mean that one who is not a diabetic or doesn’t have a family history will not get it. It sneaks in without showing any risk factors or symptoms and this is the reason why it is known as the ‘sneak thief of sight’. Though a surgical procedure can correct the problems, there can be several complications due to the surgeon’s negligence. Patients who have sustained injuries or vision loss due to the negligence of the surgeon can retain the services of expert ophthalmologist witness to get their deserving compensation.

Below mentioned are some of the instance of malpractice which results in malpractice lawsuits.

  • The doctor fails to detect the problem
  • Delay in diagnosis even after detecting the problem.
  • The doctor failing to recommend the patient to senior ophthalmologists who are specialists in this regard.

The negligence by the ophthalmologist can cause blindness. If this is the case, the patient has the right to seek compensation for all the damages caused. Blindness can be prevented only with early diagnosis. However, to claim your damages, you need to consult an attorney within a stipulated time frame. This is known as the statute of limitations. It is a deadline within which the malpractice lawsuit needs to be filed. The attorneys before filing the lawsuit will retain an eye surgery expert witness to determine the fault of the surgeon.

What is the role of expert witnesses in glaucoma surgery malpractice cases?

Patients have the right to file a legal lawsuit against the surgeon for being negligent. The role of expert witnesses in malpractice cases is manifold.  They will determine how the surgeon was negligent and what a competent doctor of the same credibility would have done under similar circumstances. Once the negligence is proved, the attorneys will file a malpractice lawsuit. Moreover, attorneys are laymen as they don’t have a broad knowledge of the technical matters of the case. This is where a retina surgery expert witness is retained and is called upon to provide medico-legal guidance on the case. They also make an analysis of the damages caused to the patient; meaning to say, how much damage has the patient sustained. Based on that, they determine the total compensation amount. Winning a malpractice case and proving the negligence of the surgeon in the eyes of law is not an easy affair. Without an expert, you cannot settle the case.