Breast Enhancement Surgery Timing


Whether you are trying to plan a wedding or a beach vacation, trying to lose weight or hoping to get pregnant, timing is everything when you are considering breast enhancement surgery.

Taking a Beach Vacation

Aound three weeks after your breast enhancement surgery, you can go in a swimming pool, hot tub or the ocean. During this time, the incision will be healed enough so that water won’t bother it and possibly cause an infection. You can go tanning as early as three weeks after surgery, too.

Ultraviolet light, whether from the tanning bed or the sun at the beach, can make a scar redder for a longer period of time, so protect your incisions with sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.

Its best to wait at least two months before making an investment in new swimsuit and bras. At that time, you will be able to more accurately determine your postoperative size and shape and get a truer fit.

Wedding Planning

It takes around eight weeks for implants to start to settle into their new shape and size. If you want to get a true fit, it would be unwise to go wedding gown shopping before then. Since wedding planning calendars usually recommend that you order your gown 8-10 months out, it means your surgery should be a year before the big day.

If you can’t plan that far ahead, you could schedule surgery anywhere up to about four months before the wedding. That way, you’ll be able to get your gown’s bodice adjusted at the fitting, which is usually done about 6-8 weeks before the ceremony.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

If you are thinking about having a child in the next year or working on it now, its best to wait because your post-pregnancy breasts might look different from your current pair. During pregnancy, your breasts will enlarge from hormonal changes and milk production. Afterwards, they might return to their original size or get smaller, bigger or droopier.

If parenthood is further in your future and you are anxious to enjoy new breasts now, you don’t have to wait. Just understand that you might need a revision after pregnancy.

Weight Loss

When you lose weight, it not only reduces the size of your waist and thighs, but it might also lessen the size of your breasts because breasts are made up mostly of fatty tissue. If this happens, you might be left with saggy breasts and stretched skin.

If you are planning to lose 10 percent or more of your body weight, it makes sense to wait until you have reached your goal before you have breast enhancement surgery administered by plastic surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp. To choose breast implants that will make you proportional, you need to know your true starting size.

Training for a Competition

Three weeks after surgery, it’s OK for you to do an aerobic activity like; treadmill, stationary bike, running and lower-body weight training. Women are normally comfortable doing arm exercises starting around six weeks after surgery.

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