Why Bras Matter After Breast Augmentation


Some women dream of having larger, fuller and more attractive pair of breasts. However, when nature fails them, they chose to have a breast augmentation surgery. This procedure can generate amazing results. But the fact is, the result is usually only as excellent as aftercare regimen they’ll follow. If a woman does not select and wears the right bra following her breast enhancement, her aspiration of perfection will be dashed. That said, below are reasons why bras are essential after breast surgery.

Prevention of quick descent

Rapid descent is a condition that can occur when the breast below the nipple will be made more prominent by the implant than the one above the nipple line. This can happen when the implants and the breast fail to receive real support over time. When a woman wears a good bra, the implant will be centered in the same ratio below and above areola. The implant’s quick descent may produce a more aged and saggy appearance.Image result for Why Bras Matter After Breast Augmentation


Many Sydney Australian women over 40 have found that after breast enhancement procedure when they wear a properly fit bra, it would increase their comfort level. And this is true if in case a proper support is not provided, it may prove to be uncomfortable to carry around even a little bit of breasts’ extra weight.

Better shaping

A not correctly fit bra like a push bra may cause an unnatural appearance to newly enlarged breasts. Also, the deformity may occur in some cases. It’s why it’s a significant driving factor for choosing the right bra following breast augmentation surgery.

While having proper bras after breast surgery may not replace skills of cosmetic surgeons they can augment their abilities and make sure the appearance desired would last. To pick a right bra after surgery, a woman would need to consider the following.

· Get an expert fit

She’ll need to go to other sales locations or department stores where they have skilled staff members in bras fitting. A right bra will provide not too slight and not too thick, the proper amount of strap support.

Check the selection with a surgeon

It’s usually advised and its okay that a surgeon approves the range of a post-surgical bra. It’s more than acceptable for her to come in post-operative appointments with new bras to ensure she’s found the right fit.


Finding a right bra after plastic surgery of the breast can prove to be a much significant undertaking. When a right fit is located, and the bra correctly worn, it would assist in healing and even preventing post-surgical complications which may hamper the breast’s final appearance.


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