Best Hair Restoration alternatives

Hair loss has become a common problem for all the age groups. Which is indirectly lowering the self-esteem and confidence in your selves? In this modern era you have a lot of alternatives that can substitute to hair loss.

There are many options available in the market for hair loss, but the permanent solution is hair transplant. In fact, everyone does not want to go for surgery; they can surely opt for other restoration methods. There are many medications available in the market for hair loss. According to food and drug and drug administration (FDA) minoxdil (Cogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) are proved to be the best of the medicines for hair loss. Minoxdil is a medicine that can be purchased without precautions and can be used by both the genders. Finasteride is mostly used to treat hair loss in men. Results can be seen after 6 months if stopped hair fall may continue. Surgical hair restoration e.g. hair transplant is long lasting & hair transplant in Chennai is the best destination for surgical hair loss treatment.

Artas Robotic Hair transplant:

ARTAS is a kind of hair transplant that is invasive type of procedure that does not leave a scar on the scalp and you are free to do any hair style of your choice. It is physician associated robotic technology. ARTAS is well planned device for FUE transplant keeping in mind the patient and surgeon. ARTAS is a step towards a right path. IT is appointment by large number of hair restorations and surgeons. Every follicle is extracted by the robot technology and implanted identically that provides a natural look.

Artificial Hair (Wigs and Hair pieces)

Over the years using of wigs was to hide baldness, but in this age wigs are used not only to restore hair but also for a change in hair styles and looks. There are wigs made out from animal hair, synthetic hair, and human hair. The human hair wig is the best wigs that might cost a bit more are flexible and authentic. The synthetic wigs need maintenance and have to be cleaned by paying. They need special care during summer as there is lot of humidity. Hair extensions are hair pieces attached to natural hair to make the hair look thicker or longer.

PRP Therapy:

 PRP is a promising non surgical treatment for hair loss. PRP is a concentration derived from your own blood. Which heals wounds and tissues damage? Surgeons inject PRP in to your scalp which helps in the increased hair follicles, regular use of PRP helps re grow hair.

Stem cell therapy:

It is a process where in some amount of epithelial stem cell of the hair follicles is centrifugal in a lab to generate more hair follicles and injected in to the bald part. Stem cell therapy your own hair follicles are taken and these are procedure and cultured in a lab to procedure more stem cells there stem cells are then care then inserted into the scalp.  Stem cell therapy is non surgical stem cell therapy triggers the dead hair follicles and transfers them in to healthy hair follicles that provide new hair. It is generally present in the middle of the Follicles. Which help in multiplying the hair cells? As your age hair follicles also shrink when chemicals are used; SCT therapy is a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness.

Hair cloning:

This is a procedure still under research. Hair cloning is nothing but healthy hair follicles cell are multiplied outside the body and then replanted in the re-implanted in the bald area and these turn in to hair follicles. Hair cloning can also be known as Multiplications technique. The cells implanted in the bald area need not necessarily grow in the same color or texture or the same thickness. Researchers have already proved that hair cloning is effective in treating baldness, only with the nod from FDD which will be compulsory.

Hair Regeneration:

Hair regeneration is used as an independent treatment. Which can be replaced for hair transplant? This treatment shows shopping of hair loss and hair thinning and thicker hair. Hair regeneration is another procedure that came under stem cell therapy. Which is non surgical where in adult stem cell which are wound healing will be infected with the scalp.

There are many hair restoration techniques available choose the best that suits you.