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Are you looking for dentistry / dentist company Goiania to perform a Clareamento dental em Goiania. Arrived at the right place, Caliari Dentist Goiania works at full steam on behalf of our clients.

This dental whitening technique leads to “home” nomenclature because the person himself does the dental whitening at his home, unlike the dental whitening technique of the dental office, which is done the whole process of dental whitening by a Dentist.

The Bleaching kits, offer all the necessary conditions for the realization of the homemade technique. The main condition offered is the modelable tray, which fits in any dental arcade, enabling dental bleaching through the same technique of home dental bleaching used by dentists.

The technique of homemade dental whitening when done through a dentist, is made a molding of the person’s arcade and through this molding is made the tray, and the process of dental whitening is done at home by the person himself.

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Does Dental Whitening Make Teeth Whitening? 

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The Dental Bleaching is a treatment option that can be performed safely and comfort and with excellent aesthetic results. Performed within the correct technical norms, does not damage the dental structure, promotes a more beautiful, striking smile and values ​​the self esteem of the individual.

Dental Whitening acts directly on the surface of natural teeth, but does not act on prostheses or restorations, however they may be replaced after bleaching, which is a quite common behavior in cases