Benefits of Pilates


Unlike other types of exercises that can leave body pains and conditions that last for days, Pilates is an easy-going yet extremely efficient way to get your body fit and strong. With just a gym mat, you can begin a set of Pilate routines that use a series of movements to toughen and stabilize your body’s core. While the main focus of Pilates might be your core, it can also help you develop stronger arms and legs.

There are numerous types of Pilates. Some routines are better for improving all round fitness, others for increased strength, while some grant the practiser better flexibility. Tricity Pain Associates recommend some specific forms of Pilates for managing muscle pains and strains because of how effective they are in relaxing muscles and triggering the brain to release endorphins.

Aspects of your body Pilates can improve include;

  • Flexibility: This form of Pilates workout increases joint mobility in your body as well as your all-round flexibility.
  • Aerobic: This form of Pilates is great for improving all-round physical fitness. But it shouldn’t be mistaken as a form of cardio exercise.
  • Strength: This sort of Pilates exercise will improve your muscle strength without giving you any of the physical sores you are bound to get from lifting weights. The exercise involves using your own body weight to perform routines instead of weights.

The beauty in utilising Pilates as your exercise regimen to achieve a healthier and more fulfilled life can be seen in the following benefits listed below

  1. It’s a rejuvenating workout for both your mind and your body

Pilates is one of the few exercises that focuses on not just physical exertion but also your breathing properly. Focusing on proper breathing helps you carry out movements with better accuracy and more power while at the same time helping you relieve stress.

  1. It helps you develop a strong core which includes a firmer tummy and stronger back

Pilates helps strengthen your center by giving you a stronger abdomen and back muscles. The muscles in the back that are most worked on are those nearest to the spine.

  1. Improved sex life

The breathing exercises and core strength provided by Pilates enable men to have a more explosive performance in the bedroom. Women on the other hand are able to have a more intense sexual experience as Pilates helps strengthen muscles on their pelvic floor. This strengthened pelvic floor muscles also help women by improving their ability to birth naturally when in labour.

  1. Grow leaner and more flexible muscles

Traditional forms of working out can help grow stockier, bulkier muscles, but with Pilates, muscles are elongated and strengthened. This means a Pilates practitioner has improved strength, joint mobility and muscle elasticity.

  1. Improves sports performance and helps prevent muscle injuries

You get to enjoy a better physical posture after a while of practicing Pilates, as well as a better conditioned body with well-balanced strength. Unlike other forms of exercise that might cause muscular imbalance (strong in some parts and weak in others), Pilates workouts your whole physical frame. This means you’ll have a better physical performance as well as less chances of sustaining a physical injury.

  1. The exercise regimen can be tailored.

You can modify a Pilates exercise to suit your needs and capabilities. You don’t have to do it at the same level as someone else, instead, you can do it at a pace and intensity that better suits you.

  1. It’s great for physical therapy

If you’re recovering from an injury, Pilates is a safe and great form of exercise that can help you on the road to recovery.

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