Avoid Nasty Health Problems By Attending A Health & Wellness Retreat

Can a Health & wellness Retreat really help you? In this article we will be talking about avoiding nasty health problems. I know a week at a treat would help me greatly.

The wellness idea is still being study. This means it’s being looked at from every angle including sickness, premature death, disability, and the mental side also. The mental part includes physiologic, psychological, social, ecologic, and economic dimensions, anthropometry, happiness, depression, anxiety, mood, and many more health issues.

A retreat can offer you a week-end stay or an extended stay depending on your health needs. This does come with a price. You might choose to receive help for drugs abuse, weight gain, sleep, alcohol abuse or to just get away for relaxation .As you are visiting the retreats you may find services that include healthy meals, yoga, meditation, massages and many more activates to help you. These types of place do ask you to give each and every person peace and quiet. For it is an opportunity to escape everyday life.

Health & Wellness retreats are offend built among natural settings. This gives your body a peace among its self to expand your mental, social, physical and spiritual health. We might feel like we have all of these things under control but we don’t. Just my socializing with strangers, breathing good air quality, exercising and reducing stress we feel much better, and some problems start to fade away.

Did you know a good night’s sleep helps with blood pressure and reduces stress? Now imagine three weeks wroth of good sleep. Your body will thank you.

Unfortunately there is little research to conform if heathy & wellness retreats do improve health or not. Below are some studies that do show a week or two away can improve your health. According to the people that have stayed in one, they say “yes I do feel much more relaxed and healthier after my stay”. There is a study done on women with breast cancer in Europa that suggested, the women after receiving chemotherapy had improved quality of life and less stressful after an only two week stay. Multiple sclerosis patients from the U.S and improved in the mental health area after only a week stay. And in Australia the quality of life improved by 1, 1.5 and 5 years after less than a week in a residential retreat program.

When the people need to get Doctors involved in studies of health spas and resorts. This could be the next medical curry we are looking for. In Mexico they do a Temexcal spa. They place you in a cement igloo with a pit in the middle with lava rocks that have been heated on a fire. Than they have a pot of water that’s been boiled with many herbs, than its pour by the litter onto the rocks. This creates vapor and you breathe this in. The people say it helps with many heath issues.