Antibiotics application: When to call a doctor

During the 21st century, people have acquired a habit of falling sick. Worse still is that they have developed a dependency on allopathic drugs for recovery as well. Owing to this pattern,antibiotics are too often needed and applied by almost every other individual alive. Now since the availability of antibiotics without prescriptions, people have turned all the bolder with its application. In the lieu of ease availability, two salient features of antibiotics escape the most. Antibiotics in its effects are extremely potent and widely varied.  Whilst some individuals are rightly educated on the subject and utilize the drug in a safe measure, some, due to the lack of awareness, fail to do so. Millions of adverse cases are reported that are resulted from antibiotics usage without physician consultation.

Side-effects requiring professional medical attention

Now, as far as side-effects are concerned, certain side effects like normal diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain and loss of appetite are natural, but when facing the following side-effects you are best advised to see a doctor before it gets too late.

The very basic idea behind each severe side-effect is the fact, that antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria cells of various regions of your body. Later these regions are taken over by other harmfulmicroorganisms that start to cause infections.

Bloody diarrhoea:While diarrhoea is a very normal side-effect of antibiotics,bloodydiarrhoeaisn’t so. This is the extreme case of diarrhoea resulting from the termination of friendly gut flora,and a situation calling for urgent medical attention.

Fever with cold and flu symptoms, swollen glands and general weakness: These are not common symptoms of antibiotic usage. When faced by these, it indicates that your immunity is taking a hit and your White Blood Corpuscle levels are falling below standard.

Unusual bleeding / easy bruising: Unusual bleeding is generally the result of a significantly low platelet count, meaning an improper blood coagulation system.

Severe skin reaction: Skin reactions and allergies are again common with antibiotics, but not again with high severity. If the condition gets critical then you are in need of checking the fungal growth in certain areas which have grown due to no competition from host-friendly bacteria cells.

Irregular heart rhythm: Irregular heart rhythm will rise from non-bacterial infection of both respiratory tracts and cardiovascular tracts.

Urination difficulty: Urinary difficulty could implicate a fungal infection in the abdominal region, especially of the urinary tracts or prostate.

Jaundice: Jaundice typically rises from depreciating health of your liver. Hence, when you face this condition, in every probability you are about to develop a serious liver-intestinal disorder.

Headaches, vision problem, Confusion or hallucination: The combination of these symptoms will appear much similar to symptoms that of a head injury. In this case, however, the maximum chances are of increasing pressure on your skull.

Stiffness and movement problems: These symptoms if accompany additional symptoms such as bruising, tenderness and sudden pain, then you could be suffering from tendon rupture.

Sweating, hunger, shaky and irritability:These symptoms are very clear indications of a low blood sugar level, a condition that is additionally characterized by dizziness, nausea and a fast heart rate.

You have opted for buying antibiotics online without consulting a doctor. Apart from the above-mentioned difficulties, if you find any other side effect increasing in intensity at an abnormal rate, you must not delay in informing your doctor.