How Anavar-only Cycle Is Helpful For Men And Women?


Anavar-only cycle can be used in cutting cycles to gain that defined muscle look. Beginners generally prefer only Anavar cycle to prevent steroid side effects. It even ensures that their body can tolerate the drug results. Men and women can use Anavar only cycle but dosage and cycle duration differ for each category.

Why Anavar-only cycle?

Anavar is the brand name for Oxandolone and is recognized for –

  • Its low toxicity
  • Its low androgenic effects
  • Its Mild anabolic impact
  • Its gentle outcome on HPTA

Many misconceptions related to Anavar are moving in the air because of speculation and rumors.

Anavar-only dosage

Anavar is milder on liver than other oral steroids. Men who use Var-only can deal with 80 mg and experience less frequent side effects in comparison. For this reason, Anavar-only cycle is preferred among female athletes. As Anavar is mild high doses are needed to experience the desired effects. Anything less than 30 mg to 100 mg is regarded to be pointless.

Women need significantly low daily dosage of 2.5 mg to 10mg. due to its mild traits changes in sexual characteristics are not produced as experienced with other steroids. Water retention level is also extremely low, when compared to other steroids.

How Anavar metabolizes in the body?

Anavar is designed to survive in the digestive tract as well as keep liver intact. Therefore the fear of liver vulnerable symptoms like cholestatic hepatitis, peliosis hepatitis, neoplasms, and jaundice gets eliminated. Its specific molecular change has made it capable to pass through liver without getting denatured.

Research also reports that Anavar cycle only is capable to speed cutaneous wound healing and enhance respiratory functions. Therefore martial artists and boxers find Anavar to be the best steroid.

Results of Var-only cycle

Anavar is regarded as ‘fat-burning’ steroid, according to research studies because participants with low testosterone levels showed decrease in visceral and abdominal fats using Anavar. In other study, participants who increased weight using Anavar maintained weight for 6 months, after stopping to take it.

This shows that Anavar helps to lose weight as well as fat and results can last for months.

Who can use Anavar cycle?

Studies reported that after Anavar cycle there were no changes made in exercise or diet. The participants were young and elderly, so this implies that Anavar effects don’t rely on age. It is a good choice for losing fat and increasing strength, but not great for bulking up.

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