Advise On How to Cheat Your Urine and Blood Test


A sudden storm can take you by surprise, a drug test!! Is it giving you sleepless nights? Is your hair a little whiter than before? Worry not!! Here are some tips on how to cheat your way through the dreaded drug test.

  1. Cleaning your system

Cleaning your system the natural way takes time and patience. And sometimes we don’t have the time and neither the patience to deliberately get our systems cleansed. When you don’t have the week or fortnights at hand to keep your test clean its time to step up and take a Mega clean cleansing drink and Xxtra Clean Detox drink. This drink will help rid you of THC levels in both your blood as well as your urine sample.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet will help you remove the toxins from your body naturally and will in turn help you to maintain your levels. Eating non greasy foods before a test will also help greatly in reducing the THC levels in your body. This will in turn give you a clean and clear test.

  1. Using the Detox drink

If you find yourself a regular user of drugs then, its time to take the Detox drink. They come in many shapes and sizes, but to drink one mega clean cleansing drink a day will help bring down the THC levels considerably which will give you a clean chit at the doctors. One of the best ones in the market today is the Mega Clean cleansing drink or the XXtra Clean detox drink. This drink is herbal and will help you detox in the safest way possible. Means that you won’t find yourself in the bathroom all day long!!

So next time you’re looking for the ideal cleansing experience, all you have to do is to consult your body and get in touch with the Mega clean cleansing drink to take all your woes away. No more getting pulled up for elevated THC levels in your blood and urine. All you need to do it drink one mega clean cleansing drink or the Xxtra Clean detox drink everyday to keep the doctor at bay.

In the days when the word is going natural and herbal, to detoxify your body its time you step you turn to something herbal like the mega clean herbal cleanse or the Xxtra clean detox  to rid yourself of the dangerous substances lurking around in your blood stream and urine levels.

So when you find yourself in imprisoned by the test that will determine the person you are, twist the cap of the bottle and keep the lab rats at bay.