A New Mum’s Guide To Hiring A Confinement Nanny


No matter how much women fought for their rights to become equal to men, average women had to go through several more phases than men in their lifetime. As soon as a female child hits puberty, they will endure a week of stomach cramps and menstruation every month. Once a woman decided to have a child of her own, she had to carry her unborn child for nine months as their stomach expanded, suffering from morning sickness, and finally give birth. Unfortunately, while a new mum’s body is still frail due to childbirth, they will have little to no strength to take good care of their newborn child, which is why they need to hire a nanny.

When new mums hire a nanny in Singapore, they will have peace of mind since they know that someone  will take care of their newborn child as they recover and their spouse works.

But instead of hiring an ordinary nanny, new mums should opt for a confinement nanny. Read on to find out what a confinement nanny is and what you need to do to hire the right confinement nanny in Singapore.

Part I: What Is A Confinement Nanny?

A confinement nanny, also known as a confinement lady in Singapore, refers to someone who masters the art and science of caregiving. That means they know how to take good care of a newborn child while the new mum recovers.

To help the new mum recover, some confinement nanny does the following:

  • Prepare a herbal bath for the mother
  • Tend the newborn baby’s needs
  • Assist the mother when breastfeeding their newborn baby
  • Share helpful advice on how to take good care of babies
  • Cook confinement meals for the mother

When you decide to hire a confinement lady, you have two options to choose from their service:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time

The difference between the two is the duration of their service. A full-time confinement lady in Singapore will stay by your side the whole day for 28 days.

On the other hand, a part-time confinement lady will stay for a shorter period. Also, some will have to go home at the end of the day and return the next day.

Part II: How To Hire The Right Confinement Nanny?

Set Your Budget First

Once you have chosen what type of confinement nanny you want to hire, you should set your first before you start searching for one. Remember that the professional fee of a full-time confinement nanny and a part-time confinement nanny is different because of their service duration.

The average cost of hiring a full-time confinement nanny in Singapore can range from S$2,800 to S$3,900. A part-time confinement nanny has a salary range between S$1,600 and S$3,200.

Search Far And Wide

Even though you are not a prince searching for your Cinderella to fit the glass shoe, you will search far and wide to find the right confinement lady. There are three options where you can start your search:


●    Ask People You Know

There is a high chance that someone among the people you know who got married and had kids before you, whether they are friends or family. Your peers most likely sought assistance from a confinement nanny in the past.

●    Post An Ad Online

You can post an ad online if you are too shy to ask your peers. The only problem with this option is how trustworthy the applicants will be and worthy they are to become your confinement nanny.

●    Consider A Confinement Agency

You can also search for a confinement nanny from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore. With their years of experience in the confinement nanny industry, they can help you find the right one for your needs.

Read Customer Reviews

If you decide to choose the latter option, you have to weigh your options. Given that there are several confinement nanny agencies in Singapore, you have to be wise with your decision.

Get to know them by reading customer reviews since these are feedback from past customers about the experience they have received during the time they hired a confinement nanny.

Below are the places you can find customer reviews.

  • On their Website
  • On their Facebook page
  • On their Google Business Profile

Know The Rules Of Being An Employer

Hiring a confinement nanny is the same as hiring an ordinary nanny. You have to treat them right when you hire them. It would be better to ask your chosen agency to know your duty as an employee of a confinement nanny.

Interview Prospects

Once you narrow down your choice, it is time to hold an interview session. Here are the things you need to do when your prospect confinement lady comes and meets you in person.

  • Ask the right questions
    • Things you want to know about a confinement nanny service.
  • Share your expectations
    • Explain what you want them to do during their employment with you.
  • Request for references
    • Contact details of the previous clients they have.

Conduct A Trial

Experiencing the confinement nanny service on hand can help you weigh your options and make an informed decision. If you have a great time and are satisfied with them, that is when you can establish a contract.

Establish A Contract

Establishing a contract means you have decided to hire them as your confinement nanny in Singapore. But before they start officially, guarantee to discuss the following:

  • Present your house rules
  • Ask if they can give you a routine for daily and weekly recaps

The Bottom Line!

While it is true that you can ask for help from your friends and relatives on how to take good care of your newborn baby, they most likely have no free time to spare. Chances are, they also have children to take good care of themselves.

Instead of waiting for their hand to reach you, hiring a confinement lady from your friend’s recommendation or suggestion from search engines is way better. You can get all the help you need as soon as you discharge from the hospital after giving birth.

Contact Super Nanny Services at (+65) 9751-1415 or leave a message on their website if you are ready to hire a confinement nanny in Singapore soon.

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