8 Ways To Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which men cannot keep an erection for long. The erection is not firm enough to perform the act of lovemaking. If the erection problem happens rarely, then this is not a matter of concern, but when it becomes permanent then it can lead to several other problems. It will affect your self-confidence and it will disturb the relationship between husband and wife. When a man cannot perform in bed, it gives him the kind of inferiority complex and gives birth to stress

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • When there is a trouble in getting in erection and maintaining it.
  • Decreased amount of the sexual desire


Research in medical science has shown that exercise will help you get rid of erectile dysfunction. You can take part in aerobic exercises as well as weight training. Even the less strenuous exercise has proved its role and the minimized the risk of ED. Increasing physical activity will reduce your chances of having erectile dysfunction significantly.

Psychological counseling

If stress, anxiety, workload, ordepression is responsible for erectile dysfunction, then you can take psychological counseling. Use levitra generika 20mg regularly to cure erectile dysfunction.

Alternative medicines

It is imperative to consult your physician before taking a supplement. Your physician will ensure that the supplement is safe for you especially when you are suffering from chronic diseases. Taking alternative products without consulting your physician may be dangerous. When you are consuming an alternative medicine, it might be contaminated. You do not know what you are consuming in prescription drugs, some of these drugs do not go well with nitrates. Have a word with your physician before using levitra generika 20mg.

Lifestyle and home remedies

This is clear that erectile dysfunction is caused by your lifestyle and food choices.

Quit smoking- in case you are facing difficulties in quitting the habit of smoking. You can take the help of your physician and he will suggest you the nicotine replacement or other alternatives.

Get rid of excess pounds-being overweight is also a serious problem and it can worsen the situation of erectile dysfunction.

Add a physical activity – exercise will help you deal with erectile dysfunction in a natural way. You will lose weight and increase the blood flow.

Involve your partner-if your partner will help you in your inability to perform between the sheets, then you will recover fast. If your desire for sexual relation is diminished, then having a word with your partner openly will help you deal with this situation psychologically. Involving your partner will give you a moral support.