7 Reasons Booty Creams are Better than Booty Jobs!

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Have you ever looked at your butt and wished for it to be bigger, plumper and better?

If yes, I know what you are going through. There can be nothing better than having a booty job done –right? You are absolutely wrong! No doubt a lot of celebrities get such a job done for themselves, but that’s only because they have some of the best doctors or surgeons to do it for them. Still, a few of them are terribly sorry for getting a booty job done because of all those issues they go through.

So how do you grow your booty without being worried about the booty job side-effects?

You read butt cream reviews and use the cream for the sake of a better booty. It is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself because you are not worried about going through all those crazy things that the booty job makes you go through.

Wondering why using booty creams is way better than getting booty jobs done and why am I telling you to go for the former rather than the latter process? Here’s a list of reasons that’s going to convince you:

  • Booty creams have fewer side-effects: Have you ever checked the list of side-effects you go through by using booty creams? Visit www.bootypopreviews.com to check the reviews and find out how fewer the side-effects are.
  • The butt job can be quite a painful task: Your butt job can cause a major problem to your booty. It is better to stick to creams as they are not painful at all.
  • Butt jobs are expensive: Do you have sufficient money to go for a butt job? If no, stick to buying booty enhancement creams!
  • Butt jobs can give a drastic shape to your booty: I have personally seen some of the worst failures of a butt job. My friends have literally cried and locked themselves inside their doors for days before showing their terrible butt to me.
  • Butt jobs look odd: Some butt jobs really look weird.
  • Booty creams are made from natural ingredients (at least a few of the creams): Ingredients like green tea are used to make a butt enhancement cream.
  • Butt creams remain a secret: If you get a butt job done, your secret might leak through someone. Who knows when you ordered for a butt enhancement cream and used it for the shape of your booty?