5 Ways To Look After Your Mental Well-Being During A Pandemic


In the Philippines, mental health is one of the main issues that every individual is facing today. Anxiety and depression happen in teenagers and adults – regardless of age. Consulting mental health professionals is expensive unless it is part of your health insurance coverage. You can call yourself lucky if someone refers you to a hospital that offers free mental health consultations because you can directly set an appointment and visit a psychologist.

Since the pandemic, psychologists or psychiatrists offer online consultation – either free or paid. Despite the circumstances, availing of health insurance that protects not only your physical health but also covers the importance of your well-being is necessary. You can check out health insurance comparisons in the Philippines through websites to see the kind of health insurance that can also help you with mental health consultation expenses.

On the other hand, there are things that you can consider to look after your well-being to help yourself from suffering such a dilemma.

Five best practices to maintain sanity

  1. Enough sleep. Even without an explanation from the doctors, sleeping is a necessity for everyone. Without enough sleep, an individual cannot focus on things that might cause a sensitive behavior because your body needs to rest.
  2. Eat right. Without food, your mind cannot work well. Your mind cannot stay focus because of hunger. The same with getting enough sleep eating is one of the foundations that can make you feel energized.
  3. Social media rest. The purpose of social media is to entertain users and inform them about the world. However, social media is getting toxic because of the bad news, and it becomes the platform for misleading information that triggers worries in people. Staying away from social media for quite some time is essential to prevent yourself from believing in posts that lead to overthinking.
  4. Open up. During this pandemic, talking your heart out is a must to protect your well-being. Releasing your worries and problems to people you trust is one of the best practices to help yourself from suffering anxiety and depression. Some people are willing to listen without judgment, learn to trust them.
  5. Be productive. If you are alone or something is bothering you, pushing yourself to be inventive by doing the things you want to do in a day can keep you calm. Allow yourself to explore new things to stay away from a toxic environment.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong with helping yourself out by doing the practices mentioned above. Consulting with mental health experts is still the best and advisable action to take. By getting health insurance, consulting with mental health doctors would be easy because health insurance PH covers physical and mental health expenses.

There are many things to learn as you look after your well-being. Please refer to this infographic by iChoose.ph for more information.


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