5 Tips On How To Stop Hair Fall

Are you a guy who always has to wear a cap because you’re too embarrassed about your bald head? Or perhaps you’re a woman who constantly looks for the perfect hairstyle that will cover the parts of your head with thinning hair? In any case, there is no question that hair loss is a problem millions of people in the world have to deal with on a daily basis. There are several reasons why people experience hair loss including aging, illnesses, stress, genetic factors and certain medications. Sure, you can get a hair transplant or use expensive treatments in an attempt to grow your hair back, but there are other less expensive options. The following are some tips on how to stop hair fall without using any chemicals.

  1. Consider hot oil treatments.

Hot oil treatments are usually the most recommended way of preventing hair fall for the simple reason that it works. Natural oil is best used for this. Examples of natural oil you can use are olive, coconut and canola. Heat it up to make it warm albeit not too hot. Massage the natural oil gently on your scalp. Place a shower cap on your head and leave it on for 1 hour. Rinse your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo afterwards.

  1. Use natural juice.

Another popular remedy involves the use of natural juices. Many people swear by this remedy as an effective way to prevent balding. For this, you can use garlic juice, ginger juice or onion juice. Rub the juice of choice on your scalp. Put on a shower cap to prevent the juice from messing up your sheets and leave it on overnight. Wash your hair upon waking up in the morning.

  1. Get a head massage.

Not a lot of people know that hair loss can be solved simply by getting a head massage regularly. By massaging your scalp even for just a few minutes daily, blood circulation to the scalp improves, which helps a lot in keeping the hair follicles active. It is recommended to use lavender, sesame or almond oil when massaging the scalp.

  1. Practice meditation and alleviate stress.

Far too many people neglect the fact that stress can be the root cause of hair loss. This is why experts recommend taking steps to alleviate the stress in your life. One way to do this is by practicing meditation. Yoga and breathing exercises are also two activities which have been proven to be effective at reduce stress.

  1. Saw palmetto

The wonders that this natural remedies can do for your health are numerous. Saw palmetto not only stop hair loss, but it is also used for skin care. You can combine it with zinc to achieve even better results.

These are 5 simple but effective ways of stopping hair fall. Try any of these tips before you consider advanced treatments and enjoy the benefits of maintaining healthy hair without the use of any chemicals.