4 Tips and What to Expect When You Visit an Oncology Doctor


A cancer diagnosis can be frightening. It was a dreadful experience for my family and me. However, preparing for my appointment with my oncology doctor helped the procedure flow more smoothly. You may anticipate a consultation that will involve a physical assessment. The following are what you should expect and advice I can impart based on my experience.

#1 Information Collection

Patients are assigned an oncologist based on the type of cancer they have. I met with a breast cancer specialist doctor at the Singapore hospital to address my illness. Moreover, the staff took note of my medical history to combine it into a single file. Your care team will gather all the necessary information to reduce stress and worries.

Every piece of information they gathered aided in the investigation of my situation. Your team, whether for breast, cervical or other cancer treatment, at the Singapore facility will devise a strategy that will be best for your well-being. They will provide you with the option of joining a biobank. It is a database of tumour samples that will assist researchers in improving patient care.

#2 Initial Meeting with Your Oncologist

It is best to tell your oncology doctor every detail of your story in your initial meeting. Your narration will let them and their team validate every piece of information the patient coordinator gathered. This period of your appointment enables them to fill the holes in your file and know you better as their patient. It can include your objectives, concerns, and expectations.

The conversation assisted my doctor in developing a more effective treatment plan for me. It is a good idea to avoid withholding any information. Provide answers as detailed as possible with every piece of information you share. Furthermore, bringing someone to your initial appointment is beneficial. Your companion can provide emotional support and fill in the details you might miss. They can also help you take notes, remember vital information and digest the situation.

#3 Thorough Physical Examination

You will have to undergo a physical examination. Your oncology doctor will thoroughly examine your malignant tumour to understand your condition better. The type of malignancy they found in my body determined the scope and extent of the examination I underwent.

#4 Treatment Plan Creation

Your oncology doctor will devise a treatment plan for you after your initial meeting. It may entail scheduling the appropriate therapy, which can begin the following week. However, in other circumstances, it may occur on the same day as the consultation. Your oncology doctor will collaborate with your care team regarding whether you will receive the treatment at the clinic or the hospital.

Choose an oncology doctor or clinic that makes you feel at ease whenever you visit. It will make your treatment and appointments flow smoothly and hitch-free. Dr Johann Tang, a radiation oncologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, helped me feel at ease with my treatments. Pay him and his colleagues a visit at their Mount Elizabeth Novena or Connexion Farrer Park radiation clinics when you book your appointment. Visit Dr Johann Tang’s website to learn more about him, his clinic and its services, including the radiotherapy cost for a patient in Singapore.

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