The 4 most important benefits of Kefir

Today is very fashionable talk of kefir or Bulgarian. Often we can come up with various Internet news revolving around the Kefir as a food that brings many benefits to those who consume.

is said that historically kefir or Bulgarian has been known to be the food consumed the inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains, popular in Europe to live very long lives. Some scientists theorize that the inhabitants of that area were very healthy people thanks to Kefir.

Whatever your preference, whether you prefer water kefir or kefir milk, kefir or Bulgarian is a food that provides many benefits, which is not surprising once we know the properties of Kefir. Here we present what we consider as the 4 most important benefits of Kefir:

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  • Improves digestion. Because it contains bacteria such as lactobacilli, Bulgarian water or Bulgarian milk drinks are helping to improve gastrointestinal problems, including constipation. These bacteria also known as probiotics, which have an important function in our body assisting in digestion processes.
  • Reconstructs the intestinal flora. Kefir, either water, milk, or even Bulgarian yogurt (also called yogurt Kefir) is highly recommended when treating patients with problems in the intestinal flora. Natural probiotics are often the most recommended for such cases, and kefir certainly represents the most interesting and successful when wanting to alleviate such disorders naturally alternative.
  • It provides plenty of nutrients. Kefir is not only a food with medicinal properties like those above. Kefir is a food rich in vitamin B and vitamin K, which increases our defenses and keeping us well fed. We know that much of kefir and fermented milk drink is, therefore, scientists believe their contributions in vitamins can be even better as the quality of milk that is prepared.
  • It is a varied and healthy alternative. Kefir not only exists as drink, is also common read or hear talk about Bulgarian yogurt kefir or yogurt. There are experts who claim that the variety in texture is mainly due to their preparation, the more liquid is used, more soluble will be your presentation, whereas when is greater kefir liquid with which is prepared, the results are thicker .

But the variety within the Kefir as food goes far beyond its texture. Today, the benefits of Kefir and Kefir properties, make it increasingly more and more different kefir recipes. There a whole range of Kefir recipes ranging from cream cheese Kefir Kefir to biscuits and chocolate. How would an old saying: in variety is the spice.