3 Reasons Why Breast Reduction is Necessary

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Do you feel socially, emotionally or physically weighed down by your large breasts? If so, continue reading to find out why Breast Reduction surgery might be right for you!

Social Discomfort

Women with excessively large breasts often feel uncomfortable in different social situations. Their appearance may become a distressing talking point among friends, family, and sometimes even strangers.  Breast Reduction surgery can help minimise the look and size of your breasts; this results in bringing them into harmony with the rest of your body. Many women express how much better they feel, even at work, with smaller, shapelier breasts.

Emotional Discomfort

The stigma of having large breasts profoundly affects many women. In fact, many women continuously cover up as much as possible or even avoid leaving the house. Large breasts can also change the way you see your own body, often making your stomach and waist look much bigger than they actually are. But most of all, excessively large breasts can hinder your daily life and lead to sadness and frustration which all contributes to a negative self-image. Many Breast Reduction patients report how satisfied and relieved they are after surgery. Not only does it give them a more proportionate figure, but it also helps boost their self-esteem and self-image.

Physical Discomfort

Physical discomfort caused by excessive breasts are the most common reasons why several women consider a Breast Reduction. Huge breasts can cause the body distress and pain which often manifests into scarring on the shoulder from bra straps, painful stretch marks, skin infections and rashes, poor posture and neck and back pain. Some women even report that they struggle to stand or move comfortably.

You’re a suitable candidate for this surgery if you find yourself agreeing with any of the above issues. When administered by a accomplished and reputable breast surgeon, like Dr Safvat, most patients walk away saying they are highly satisfied with their results; Dr Safvat is a specialist for breast reduction surgery in Sydney. Breast Reduction surgery is a major and highly invasive operation and needs to be administered by a certified, experienced and well trained breast surgeon. Ensure that you choose your plastic surgeon carefully and avoid the temptation of cheap, overseas surgery.

More Details on Breast Reduction

A well trained and experienced plastic breast surgeon can tell whether or not a breast reduction is appropriate. This includes if you are healthy enough or not to proceed. It is vital that you tell your surgeon all of your relevant medical history to make sure that you don’t suffer any unnecessary complications or side effects.

You should also tell your surgeon if you’re taking any medications, how often you drink alcohol and if you smoke cigarettes. You will need to quit drinking and smoking at least three months before the breast reduction surgery. Some medications will need to be stopped for at least two weeks prior to surgery. When you meet with your plastic surgeon, it is essential that you have realistic expectations and tell your surgeon what you expect out of surgery; including what issues your large breasts are causing you and the results you want to see.