2-FDCK; Do You Know Enough?

2-Fluorodeschloroketamine or 2-FDCK is kind of an enigma today. Since it has a very brief history of human usage, not much is known about it. In fact, till now the amount of research done on the substance has also been very limited. This has created another void in understanding the substance.

However, there are some basic things that one should know about 2-FDCK.

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Chemical Structure

2-FDCK is an analogue of ketamine. It is placed in the arylcyclohexylamine group and has a phenyl ring that is bound to a cyclohexane ring substituted with a ketone group. The functional group of chloro is missing here. Instead, it has fluorine substitute at the phenyl ring.

Effects of the Substance

The substance is a synthetic dissociative which basically means that it creates an out of the body experience for the user. Although subjective, the effects of the substance depend on the dosage consumed. Lower dosage may not cause all of them but higher dosage can.

The effects of 2-FDCK can be grouped in certain categories:

  1. Physical effects

Here you can say the substance can cause spontaneous physical sensation, physical euphoria, dizziness, loss of motor control, and nausea. In some subjects it is known to have caused perception of decreased weight.

  1. Cognitive effects

The substance can induce anxiety suppression, compulsive redosing, conceptual thinking, creativity enhancement, cognitive euphoria, and dream potentiation.

  1. Visual effects

The substance often causes suppression, distortions, and even hallucinations in people. When taken in lower dosage it can create double vision or cause visual acuity suppression. However, when taken in higher dose, it can cause k-hole feelings where voids and holes are created that make people feel as if they are out of their body.

  1. Auditory effects

Just like visual effects, the substance causes auditory suppression, distortions, and hallucinations based on the dosage consumed.

  1. Disconnective effects

The substance consumption can cause three primary types of disconnections – tactile, visual, and consciousness. Again, this will depend on the dosage consumed.

Toxicity Factor

The scientific community currently does not know what the long-term health effects of using 2-FDCK are. Due to very brief human usage history it is hard to predict how it can impact human life in long run. However, the limited studies conducted within the community show that the drug does not adversely impact human life if it is consumed in low moderation. However, it cannot be said so with any amount of certainty.

Legality of the Substance

The substance is not used extensively in the medical community due to lack of understanding of the product. However, it is used mostly recreational users for feeling high.

The substance is currently considered illegal in Latvia. Canada has covered it under a blanket ban. UK also has made it illegal to possess, produce, supply, or import the drug.

However, in some countries it is available online as a recreational drug and can be purchased from online vendors.

The substance is considered to be dangerous when consumed with other substances like alcohol or other drugs.