10 Breast Augmentation Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

There is a lot of conflicting information online about breast augmentation and implants. Let’s take a look at some of the top statements that simply aren’t true.

Busting Breast Augmentation Myths

Myth 1: Breast Implants Feel Hard

Implants will never be as supple as natural breasts but women are still very satisfied with the results of their augmentation. There are a few factors that influence how an implant will feel, including scar tissue development, capsular contracture and the type of implant used.

Myth 2: Silicone Implants are Dangerous

Silicone implants have been studied and modified for years, ensuring that they’re both safe and effective, which is also why they’ve been approved by the FDA in the United States and are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.

Myth 3: You Can’t Breastfeed with Implants

There is no scientific evidence that proves this could be a possibility. You will also not be exposing your child to silicone by breastfeeding with implants. Your ability to breastfeed can be affected with or without implants.

Myth 4: Implants Make Breast Cancer Difficult to Detect

All women should perform regular breast examines to make it easier to detect changes at any stage. Many professionals actually suggest that having breast implants makes it easier to detect lumps and changes.

Myth 5: Implants Cause Cancer

Again, there is no evidence that proves implants are capable of causing cancer or other diseases.

Myth 6: Breast Augmentation is Incredibly Painful

Recovery and pain levels are different for everyone after augmentation but a top breast surgeon such as Dr Norris from Form & Face clinic will do everything possible to make your recovery process pleasant, starting with the right pain medication.

Myth 7: Breast Implants Cause Premature Sagging

There are a number of reasons why your breasts could sag, including weight changes, ageing and pregnancy. Your natural breasts will sag at the same rate as they would with implants but a good bra can delay this.

Myth 8: Breast Augmentation Scars are Very Noticeable

To insert the implants, your surgeon will need to make a small incision under the crease of your breast or under your arm, which means it is possible to reduce the appearance of scars. In most cases, it will only appear as a fine, pale line.

Myth 9: Breast Implants are Very Obvious

By choosing the right surgeon, this is not something that you will need to worry about. Experienced surgeons know how to create the most natural results by taking your height, weight and the natural shape of your breasts into consideration.

Myth 10: Implants Need to Be Replaced Often

Breast implants don’t have an expiry date and their longevity will depend on various factors, including your body’s reaction to the implants. If the implants aren’t damaged and they haven’t changed the shape of your breasts, there will be no need to replace them for many years. At some point, your breasts will begin to sag naturally, which is when you will probably need a second surgery.