What is Psychotherapy?

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Psychotherapy includes a number of treatments to help patients with mental problems, emotional challenges, and psychiatric disorders. The feelings of the patients are understood to find out what makes them feel positive, depressed or anxious. This helps them cope with the difficult situations in an adaptive way.

The course of the therapy lasts for 1 year. It can be shorter too if the individual is eager to change, and willing to put in efforts for positive development. Psychotherapy is for anyone who is overwhelmed by problems and is unable to cope with the situation.

What does the therapy look like?

Another name for psychotherapy is the talking treatment. The client is not given any medication, instead, he is encouraged to talk. The sessions usually last for an hour once a week. A careful structure has to be followed for the process. It may be one to one sessions or in pairs/groups.

What can it treat?

As mentioned above, psychotherapy can help a wide range of people. It works well with adults, children, families, and couples. Here is the list of problems that can be treated with psychotherapy:

  • Overwhelming feelings of helplessness or sadness
  • Inability of coping with everyday problems
  • Unable to concentrate on study or work
  • Being aggressive to such an extent that it causes you to harm yourself and/or others
  • Feeling of depression that problems never improve even after receiving help from near ones
  • Unnecessary worry or feeling constantly on the edge

How does it Work?

It is important to understand that psychotherapy is a two-way process. In order to benefit from this process, the clients must have the willingness to participate. They must attend appointments, be honest in describing the symptoms and have the willingness to complete all the set appointments.

There are certain people who don’t like to relive the unpleasant moments. However, not all psychotherapy techniques involve repeating the past events. Even if it is necessary, therapists are usually skilled in addressing the part of recalling memory.

Types of Psychotherapy

The common types of psychotherapies include:

Behavioral therapy: It helps the client understand how the changes in the behavior can lead to changes in feelings. The goal of the therapy is to replace the desirable behavioral responses with undesirable responses.

Cognitive therapy: It is all about what we think and how it shapes our feelings. The therapist helps the client in confronting the inappropriate thoughts by viewing a situation in different ways.

Interpersonal therapy: This is the technique which focuses on interpersonal relationships. It involves learning new skills to improve the communication pattern in order to help the client manage depression.

Psychodynamic therapy: It is a sight-oriented therapy which focuses on the deep rooted causes of behavior. This type of therapy focuses on increasing the self-awareness and understanding how the events of the past affect the present behavior.

Psychotherapy is an expensive treatment and it is time-consuming. The success of the treatment depends on both the therapist and the willingness of the client. In case you are looking for the best therapist in town, Pinnacle Therapy is what you need.