Waterproof Changing Pad Covers

Being a parent means changing the pads of your younger one frequently. In order to keep the child clean and fresh, you may have to change his diapers sometimes even 10-12 times a day.

Because it is an unavoidable part of parenting, you will need a waterproof changing pad cover. Below are some key factors such as comfort of the baby etc. to consider before buying a waterproof changing pad cover:

  1. Waterproof Shield: The waterproof surface of the pad which can be cleaned easily is an essential part while looking for a changing pad.

Since most of the times changing pads can be a messy affair, using waterproof pads will not let the liquid seep through the pad thus helps in avoiding the formation of fungus and mold.

For extra protection, there are multi-use pads which further add softness and you also can machine wash them.

  1. Baby’s Ease: Using waterproof changing pad cover keeps the baby at ease while changing diapers and it will be a smooth and quick process for you also.

Although, supportive foam is usually firm to make it durable, it is still comfortable for your little one. There are changing pads made using soybean foam for an organic changing surface and offer the baby equal comfort and ease.

  1. Contoured Protection: Contoured sides of the changing pads help in providing a cozy, comfy and snug changing surface to infants and babies by offering them an added security.

Some changing pads come with three sided foam with extra cushioning at the top to provide additional protection to the baby’s head.

As far as contoured protection of changing pads is concerned, there is wide range available in the markets to select from.

  1. Safety Straps: Consider buying waterproof changing pad which have two types of safety straps offering more security to the baby.

Many pads come with adjustable controlling belt along with a buckle to restrict baby’s movement while changing the diaper, which makes the process safer. In order to keep the changing pad secured at its place, look for a pad which has straps that can be buckled to the dresser’s back, changing table, or wall.

The straps are an integral part of changing pads to ensure baby’s security and it also keeps your baby within your arm’s reach.

5. Certifications: In order to provide safety in all sections of babies’ things, there are certain rules laid by governments and every manufacturer has to follow them. Safety and the quality of changing pads, is also important as it is going to be used for the baby for several months.

Buy only a pad that fulfills all the criteria laid by the local government. As in USA, pads that hold Greenguard Gold certificate are tested by a third party and then come to the market after getting certificate for low chemical releases providing the child a healthier environment.

6. Soybean Contoured Pads: Containing organic soybean oils, changing pads offer comfortable surface to change diapers. The sturdy and firm foam of the pads comes with using soy oils and these PVC-free but still waterproof covers provide natural changing places to the little ones.