The perfect addition to any nootropic stack

Oftentimes in our lives, we will encounter things that will be difficult for us to learn or comprehend. It may be because our cognitive skills aren’t enough to learn that “something” fast enough or sometimes like the computer, our brains need an upgrade since the storage might be full and can’t process new information fast enough.

People who encounter these “walls” usually turn to natural supplements or nootropic supplements to break down these barriers and enable them to upgrade their computer’s (brain’s) memory capacity as well as overall function. One such nootropic supplement used is the popular Centrophenoxine which has been tested and proven for over 5 decades and is one of the go to supplements whether you want to use it alone or in a stack with other supplements.

Head and mind, body and soul


Well, just mind (brain) and body, the benefits of this nootropic enhances both your brain’s overall function AND your body as well. This certain nootropic is most popular for its ability to enhance your memory as well as other cognitive functions as well but it really shines in boosting one’s memory. Remember every single detail on what you are learning with thins supplement. Every. Single. Detail. It is also a mild stimulant which will give your body that much needed energy you will need without that strange jittery feeling you get with other stimulants like caffeine of energy drinks. Its energy boost can be pretty strong so it might disrupt your sleeping patterns if taken late during the day.

Solve problems on the fly


The supplement is also known to enhance your fluid intelligence, or in other words, solving problems on the fly without relying on acquired or stored knowledge. It gives you an enhanced awareness of things and problem solving skills so you can go MacGyver whenever there is an unforeseen problem.

Overall improvement


This nootropic significantly improves your overall cognitive functions making it easier for you to learn more things faster as well as store and recall them as well. It also makes you think clearer which is advantageous in cases where there are unexpected problems to be solved (refer to above) as well as enhance other brain functions as well such as alertness.

Turns your frown upside down


Not only does the nootropic supplement enhance memory and cognitive functions, it also gives you a boost of enhanced motivation as well as an overall improvement in mood giving you that “feel good” effect as well since it acts as a mild anti-depressant giving you that warm fuzzy feeling as well as enough motivation to do whatever is needed to be done.

Stacks and stacks and dosages


The typical recommended dosage of this nootropic usually starts at around 250 mg whether used on its own or with a stack. From 250 mg, you can go up to 1000 mg without feeling any adverse side effects. Although possible for its anti-aging properties, upping the dosage even more might require a trip to the doctor first for consultation before going forward with it. When used as stacks, it is effective with a lot of other nootropic supplements, particularly the racetams.

In general, if you want to increase your overall cognitive function as well as get other nootropic benefits, this supplement is for you.