Modern Dentistry in Turkey

Before we get into the veneers thing, we need to first understand what are dental veneers? Today is the time when the exterior appearance of your personality plays a very important role. It’s all about how you look, how you carry yourself and how you smile! When we speak of smile, teeth play a very significant role to make a great impact about your smile on others. 

Most patients are traveling to Turkey only for veneers Turkey dental processes. Firstly, we need to get rid of the confusion between dental veneers and dental crowns. Dental veneers are part of cosmetic dentistry. People, these days, opt for veneers Turkey dentists to enhance their beautiful smile and make it look natural. You can always select from the best available options while undergoing a dental cosmetic surgery. 

What do you mean by dental veneers?

A very thin porcelain-made shell used as a protection shield to your original teeth is called a dental veneer. You may also hear a different name called ‘laminates’ to it. Once they are stuck on top of your yellow stained, damaged or broken teeth, they enhance your smile and the appearance of your teeth. The extra white teeth beautify your smile thus making you look even more appealing.  

Veneers Turkey dent coverings are exactly like fake nails that are used as one make-up trick to beautify your hands.  These are pasted on to your original teeth alike fake nails pasted on your original finger nails. Dental veneers are only one-sided, which means they don’t cover the entire teeth just like how dental crowns do. These cover the visible side of the teeth. 

The purpose of veneers Turkey dental process is to enhance a tooth’s appearance and not improve its functionality. This comes under cosmetic dentistry. Your smile gets a total makeover. Veneers give your damaged teeth a very natural look because these are individually crafted for each patient using sophisticated products that resemble the dental natural enamel.

Back to the History

Well, if you think this is a latest craft in dentistry and hence there can be hidden risks then you need to check the history of veneers. A very famous Hollywood dentist, Dr. Charles Pincus, way back in 1920s, used this method to improvise the smile of the actors and actresses. He would cover their damaged or stained teeth with veneers thereby giving them the best smiles. 

This technique or marking a memorable smile became a trademark of Hollywood charisma. However, he failed to fix these permanently to the teeth due to lack of advancement in dentistry. Later, the process of veneers was followed by many brilliant doctors and its stages of improvement. Now, with the porcelain veneers, everybody has an access to make his or her smile perfect.    

Latest Brands of Dental Veneers

The most advanced veneers of the current time are the E.Max veneers. This brand gives your smile the most natural look. These veneers are a combination of ceramic and translucent sheen to give your teeth a much whiter appeal. Besides, the quality is very famous for its durability. It stands stronger as compared to the other delicate products.

Most of the dental clinics in Turkey finish your treatment in just a day in one visit only. A full mouth is completed in five days at the maximum. 

Vita Suprinity is another brand that offers the best veneers Turkey dental treatments. People are going gaga over their intense white smile makeover. The material used is a natural mineral called zirconium that has only 10 percent of contribution to the veneer’s ceramic glass composition. This brand offers the world’s first zirconium-armored lithium silicate ceramic dental veneers. Their product stands high in durability and translucency. Overall approximately 90 percent of the people opt for this veneer.

When do I need a dental veneer?

Veneers Turkey become essential if you are facing any one or more of the following conditions:

  • Minor gaps between the teeth, particularly the front teeth
  • Crooked teeth or damaged teeth
  • Stained enamel due to decay or erosion
  • Shapeless teeth
  • Dull smile (lacking whiteness)
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Chipped teeth or teeth that are physically damaged

Do look forward to your dentist’s advice for veneers as a suitable option for you in case you are facing discoloration of teeth or its shapelessness. 

The Risks Involved 

As we all know, every medical procedure has its risks involved, but that doesn’t keep us away from getting the treatment done. Veneers Turkey treatment is no exception to this fundamental. Let’s understand the risks gradually:

  • The process of veneers is irreversible, which means, once the process of sticking the veneer to your original teeth is done, you can’t remove it, whatsoever. 
  • Veneers can crack and chip upon pasting, and the damage caused is irreparable later.  
  • This process involves removing a certain portion of your tooth’s enamel. With this, the teeth become extremely sensitive to hot and cold things. This may disrupt your regular style of eating. 
  • Once the color of the veneer is chosen before its application, you can’t get it altered later and so, you have got to be extremely careful with the color choice.