The Green Smoke Vaping Alternative To Smoking

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Puffing away on e-cigs, or electronic cigarettes, is called vaping. These cigarettes heat a flavor vapor, or e-juice made from flavorings, nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. This creates a vapor, which is what is inhaled. When you exhale, you create a cloud of mist that looks very similar to smoke. It isn’t! This is green smoke compared to cigarette smoke!

E-cigarettes do contain nicotine but whilst it’s addictive, it isn’t the part of the tobacco plant that does so much damage when burnt in a cigarette. E-cigarettes also remove the yellow stain from your hands and teeth. They’re not a fire hazard when used as directed and they don’t smell like cigarette smoke.

The parts of an e-cigarette include a cartridge, which contains the nicotine and flavor vapor or e-juice, a heating element and a battery. Prices vary depending on the brand, the model, the number of features it has, and the accessories it comes with. Some electronic cigarettes look like regular cigarettes – these are great for the die-hard smoker who needs the psychological reassurance that they’re still smoking. Others look more like ballpoint pens whilst some could be mistaken for a cell phone. There are even e-cigs that look like pipes. Take your pick – there are online vape shops in Florida and across the US that carry a wide range of all the different types of e-cigs. They’re bound to have one that’s just right for you!

E-Cig Flavour Vapors – One For Every Type Of Taste

Likewise, flavour vapors for electronic cigarettes come in a wide range of flavours and concentrations. Flavors available include vanilla and chocolate, sweet and sour, nutty, fruity, cool and bubbling champagne. If you are a DIY flavour vapor buff, you can get very creative with your e-juices! It’s a bit like running amok in a candy store – all those flavours to play around with. So much more exciting than smoking cigarettes and far less harmful to boot! You can also adjust the nicotine content in your e-liquids and reduce it gradually until you’re no longer quite so addicted to it. Try doing that with normal cigarettes!!

Vape Shops In Florida Carry A Wide Range Of Vaping Gear

There are many online and offline vape shops selling a huge range of vaping gear, including e-juices. The prices are equally as variable. From the lower end of the market to expensive high end equipment, there’s a vaping kit to suit pretty much everyone. There are also kits that cater to every level of experience – from beginners to experienced vapers looking to improve the vaping experience. But even the most expensive vaping equipment doesn’t cost as much as a life time supply of cigarettes! After the initial purchase of the equipment, it’s usually just a case of buying e-juice. Most e-cigarettes can carry 1 to 6 mls of e-juice but the bigger ones can carry up to double that. How long it lasts you depends on how much you vape.

If you are looking to quit smoking and get started vaping instead, the best way to do it is to buy a starter kit and take it from there. But be prepared to do some research and learn how to do it correctly because there is a definite art to vaping. It’s worth it in the long run. The benefits for your health can’t be overstated.