How Crowdfunding is Saving This 6-Year-Old Boy from Thalassemia

Your haemoglobin level directly relates to the oxygen in your blood. A low level of hemoglobin translates to a low level of oxygen. An individual’s hemoglobin is expressed in terms of grams per deciliter. A healthy male is supposed to have at least 13.5 grams, while a female should have 12.

Dhanash, a one-year-old boy from Hazaribagh, took a blood test that revealed that his hemoglobin was 5.5.

While it is common for a person’s hemoglobin level to be slightly lower than normal, severely lower levels can indicate a variety of conditions, including anemia, cancer, liver or kidney disease, lead poisoning and so on. When he fell ill with a fever, Dhanash was asked to take a hemoglobin test that revealed his shockingly low level. He was given a blood transfusion and his condition seemed to improve soon after.

However, a month later, Dhanash was back in the hospital with an even lower level this time, of 3.5 and another blood transfusion was administered immediately. When the incident repeated itself a second time, Dhanash’s father, Ishteyak knew something more serious was affecting his little boy. When he took his son to a different doctor in Ranchi, he was screened and diagnosed with Thalassemia, a blood disorder where the body is unable to produce enough red blood cells (or kills more than it can produce).

How medical crowdfunding can save Dhanash’s life

Today, Dhanash is 6 years old. Since his diagnosis when he was one, he has needed a blood transfusion every fortnight to sustain his life. 72 transfusions have been administered to him so far. While the transfusions help keep him alive, they have a counterproductive effect. Too many frequent transfusions tend to increase the iron content in his body, in turn making him vulnerable to liver diseases and tissue destruction.

Doctors have urged that the little boy needs a bone marrow transplant for full, safe recovery. The dozens of transfusions Dhanash needed in the past five years completely exhausted his family’s savings, leaving none left for the daunting cost of the necessary transplant, estimated at Rs 8.5 lakhs. Ishteyak took things into his own hands and started raising funds with Impact Guru, a top crowdfunding platform for medical causes in India.

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