Choosing the Hair Transplant Procedure in the perspective of cost in Jaipur

It is a matter of pride that India becomes the topmost destinations for the medical tourism, especially in the context of cosmetic surgery procedure. The procedure of hair restoration is one of the most important concerns of the people facing the hair loss/ baldness problem. There are many Surgeons and clinics who provides the treatment for hair loss, but very few of them have a remarkable presence in the field of restoration and you need to consider this fact very carefully. You need to do an introspection in terms of all aspects related to the procedure and careful analysis can pave a way for the right hair transplant in Jaipur.

What is Special in Jaipur for getting the treatment of Hair Restoration?

The Cost Concerns

The cost concerns of the hair transplant in Jaipur is designed in such a manner that they attract the patients with more flexibility and a budget cost option that is suited to every economic group of the people. Most of the clinics of Jaipur provide the EMI facilities for the treatment if the needed number of grafts is greater and there is a higher grade of NW class of baldness. The cost concerns of the procedure in Jaipur carefully justify the matter of facilities and hygienic parameter. The reputed clinic of the hair transplant procedure seriously follows the American standard, parameter and the cutting edge technology at an Indian cost.

The Cost Concerns of the procedure in Jaipur affected by the following factors:

  • The usable Technique

There are two proven techniques of the hair transplant procedure, namely, the FUT (Follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (Follicular unit extraction). Both the techniques facilitate the extraction of graft procedure but in a different mode. The FUT applies the strip harvesting technique, which gives a greater number of grafts in a single sitting, whereas the FUE hair transplant involves the random punching on the scalp to extract the grafts and obviously, the number of grafts will be minimized as there is a possibility of damage as well as an obligation to target the limited donor areas because of the dynamic punching, which affects the outcomes.

  • The NW Class of Baldness

The Norwood grade of baldness is categorized into 7 grades of baldness that tells the needed number of grafts to cover the particular grade of baldness in terms of an aesthetic outcome. It is the Norwood grade that tells us about the baldness category and also that describes the location of hair fall on the scalp, i.e., the top, the front and the mid-scalp portion, which is affected by the severe hair loss in the case of the male pattern baldness.

  • The Reputation of Clinic & Recognition of a Surgeon

The cost of the hair transplant procedure in Jaipur is widely affected by the recognition of a Surgeon and the reputation of a clinic. There are the facilities of a world class reputed clinic in Jaipur and some Surgeons are a signature name in the field of hair restoration in Jaipur. If the Surgeon has an accreditation and recognition from the leading and reputed bodies of the hair transplant like ISHRS & ISAPS, obviously the charge will be affected and in this view, the cost of the procedure will be increased smartly, but there will be the assurance of getting the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.

The other speciality of Jaipur for the Hair Restoration Treatment is mentioned below:

  • Medical tourism hum along with the core tourist interest
  • Reputed clinics seriously uses the cutting edge technology
  • World’s topmost hair transplant Surgeon
  • The Cost of the procedure has been just one-fourth of the Western world countries.


On the whole, we can say that the decision of getting the hair transplant procedure in Jaipur is all genuine and the benefits that you get into this pink city is all matched with the World class facilities and care concerns at an Indian cost.